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MMQB: Huskies at Oregon State: Love Em, Hate Em

Huskies lose a shocker to OSU

After the Washington Huskies loss to Oregon State this weekend, Husky Nation has a really bad taste left in our mouth. There isn’t much good that came out of the game, but I will try and find some light in this darkness.


Here is what I loved, but mostly hated about the Huskies this weekend.

Love Em

1. Keith Price

We all know the guy is a stud.

This game brought about a new found respect for the guy.

After injuring his knee against USC, he was sitting out this week to heal up as his knee was still very swollen.

When the game was slipping away and freshman QB Nick Montana not performing as we all would have liked, Price opted to go in and try to jump start the team.

And he did.

His grit and guts were on display as he led an amazing comeback that fell short as a pass was taken from Jermaine Kearse and “intercepted” at a crucial point at the end of the game.

Hate Em

1. The Offensive Line

The Husky offensive line has been so inconsistent this year, it would drive a sane man nuts. They have allowed so much quarterback pressure that have resulted in sacks, hurries, and knockdowns that it has hurt the growth of the offense. And the starting quarterback.

The o-line’s inconsistency has stunted the terrific offense the Huskies have to offer as Polk can’t always find his own holes and Price can’t throw while running for his life.

Nick Holt

This guy needs to go

2. The Husky pass defense

We all have issues with the defense. Until last week, I was one of the few trying to keep the Holt haters at bay. I am now on the fire Holt bandwagon and if he’s not let go at season’s end, this defense is in serious trouble.

The lack of consistency and the piss poor pass coverage has seriously hurt the Huskies, who, when putting up 30+ points a game, should be winning more games.

When your defense is as soft and non-existent as the Husky defense has been, those points are nullified and instead your team is answering questions why they lost the game or almost lost it to a lesser team.

3. Quinton Richardson

I’m not a fan of calling out a player, but this has got to be done. If you watch the vast majority of blown coverage this season where a receiver makes a catch in the middle of the field, you will find that most of the time Richardson was the defender who blew his coverage.

I won’t drag his name through the mud, but I’m calling him out and letting him know I see what’s going on. Richardson is the Aaron Curry of the Huskies as much as it hurts to say that.

Don’t get me wrong, Husky fans.

I love the Huskies and will continue to root them on. The way they have played the last few games has been atrocious, though, and cannot go unnoticed.

Therefore, I am in a position to call them out and speak up on the subject.

I am pretty sure you will agree with my points, but if not, let me know below in the comments section.

The Apple Cup is upon us and it is time to ramp up the s#!* talking to Cougs fans.

Let’s bring the cup home and enjoy a season of looking down on the Cougars and their fans…more than we already do.

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