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UW Huskies vs. LSU Tigers: NCAA love ‘em & hate ‘em Week 2

LSU 41-UW 3

The Washington Huskies (1-1), which averaged 33 points per game last season went all the way to Louisiana and kicked a FG.

In what was a brutal game for Dawgs fans I’d just like to find some silver lining. “It could have been worse.” Washington’s deficit at the half could have been larger but LSU’s  Shepherd dropped an easy pass in the end zone.

Thanks Russell.

Love em

Baton Rouge

LSU is always sunny, it’s full of beautiful women, the people are friendly, the food is amazing, the football team is great-why didn’t I go there?

Take note, high school readers.

Erich Wilson II

Wilson had 25 yards on four carries, compared to Bishop Sankey’s 16. Am I desperate to find a silver lining from this game? Maybe.

Playing Portland State Next Week

‘Nough said.

Hate em


These just killed us. A sputtering offense and a religious defense (Because they’re holey? Get it? Haha? Nevermind) weren’t helped by a number of penalties for the Huskies.

11 penalties for 74 yards made a difficult game that much harder. Hopefully Sark has the team running laps or something Monday, because those kinds of mental mistakes will kill us.

 The Running Game

We all knew this would be a problem. Chris Polk was never going to be easy to replace, but when Jesse Callier was announced as done for the season, it just got that much harder.

What was already looking like a pass-heavy offense just got even more asymmetric. Most teams won’t have the brutal defensive line of LSU, but Bishop Sankey and the offensive line will need to step up this season.

Keith Price

Head scratcher? Yes Indeed. Here’s all you need to know: in the first half, LSU had 102 rushing yards. Washington had -11.

Here’s all you need to know: in the first half, LSU had 102 rushing yards. Washington had -11.

It didn’t get much better.


Who jinxed this team? Tackle Erik Kohler reaggravated an old knee injury and is out for at least a few weeks.

Linebacker Travis Feeney dislocated his shoulder and his status is up in the air. Safety Will Shamburger left the game with an eye injury.

Defensive end Talia Crichton got a concussion. Wide receiver Jaydon Mickens got turf toe, safety Justin Glenn was extremely sick, and wide receiver Kevin Smith tweaked his knee and sat out the rest of the game.

Good grief. Obviously the seriousness of these injuries vary, and football is a violent sport, but this team shouldn’t resemble the characters at the end of a Saw movie.

Maybe it’s leftover bad karma from the whole Venoy Overton prostitution ring thing, but whatever it is, a football team simply cannot win without staying healthy. Here’s hoping for fast recoveries, otherwise it’ll be a long season.

People Flipping Out

There’s no way around it: we got crushed Saturday. The defense got manhandled, the offense got shut down, and the game was never close. Ok. Let’s move on.

LSU is a national title contender, and as hard as it may be for us to admit, we’re not even close to that level of play yet.

We’re still 1-1, mostly healthy, and have a cupcake game coming up against Portland State to finish off the non-conference schedule.

Keep your heads up Husky nation.

There’s a lot of football left to be played.


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