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Huskies Football: 10 ways you know you’re a true fan

You’re a fan! UW Edition

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the University of Washington football team over the past decade. But as the Huskies have achieved winning records and bowl game appearances in the last three years, it gets football fans excited for what 2013 will have in store.

This year is the perfect time to jump on the Husky bandwagon if you’re not a Husky fan, or just haven’t had faith in your Husky football team.

Rocking out your purple and gold in one of the loudest football stadiums in the NCAA isn’t just something to look forward to in the fall. You can do it anytime.

Better yet, you can sport your UW colors at the newly remodeled Husky Stadium this upcoming fall.

You Reminisce About 1991

Your 1991 national champion Washington Huskies.

Your 1991 national champio Washington Huskies.

Oh you know 1991, right? For the new Husky fans, it was the year where the Huskies were national champions. The one year that every Husky fan has to know about if you say you’re really into UW Football.

We certainly hope an era like ’91 will also come back again very soon!

Sirens Going Off Is A Good Thing

When sirens go off in Husky Stadium, they are music to fans’ ears. We hear the siren go off when the Huskies come out of the tunnel to get the crowd going. Better yet, the siren always goes off when the Huskies score a touchdown!

It is later followed with a final siren when the Huskies score an extra point.

You Bleed Purple and Gold

Whether you rock a vintage UW sweatshirt or full out body paint, Washington fans know how to show their colors and swagger. I actually almost forgot that we even have a theme song about repping our UW colors:

You HATE Oregon

Obviously, Husky fans aren’t very fond of their in-state rival Washington State Cougars. The only thing bigger than the UW-WSU rivalry is the Washington vs. Oregon grudge rivalry.

And don’t forget some of their ridiculous uniform combinations.

You’re Not Worried About Coach Sark

Ever since Steve Sarkisian was hired as the head coach for the Huskies, he has completed three seasons with winning records during his four years at UW.

He has also taken the Huskies to a bowl game during those three seasons.

Soaked Jackets And Ponchos Are Always In

Seattle has always been known as the Emerald City, but the city wouldn’t be known for that if it weren’t for the rain!

Seattle is also known as a wet, rainy city. Husky fans are used to watching games in the rain with any protection that can keep them dry, while cheering their team on. So if it’s a hooded jacket, poncho or even a plastic Husky head, the rain is something that Dawg fans live with.

Black Clouds And Purple Rain Come Every Year

What do black clouds and purple rain have to do with this? You see, the first “blackout” game from UW was in 2010 during its last home game against UCLA. Since the game was televised on ESPN, they thought it would be cool for all fans to wear black if possible, as it would look cooler on TV.

UW has found success with the blackout strategy thus far.

UW has found success with the blackout strategy thus far.

Needless to say, it looked awesome. Now, the tradition continues where UW makes a point to rock the black jerseys once or even twice each season.

Two Huskies Are Better Than One

There’s Harry the Husky. Then there’s his sidekick, the live husky mascot: Dubs. Harry the Husky got a new look after UW launched its first blackout night in 2010.

Dubs is a handsome Alaskan Malamute from Burlington, WA. He and Ralphie, University of Colorado’s live buffalo, are the only two live mascots in the Pac-12 Conference. You can find Dubs running on the field with the team before the game starts, or along the sidelines with his student handlers.

Between him and Ralphie, Dubs is definitely better looking and is an ultimate fan favorite. He will be five years old in November!

Throwing Your Dubs Up Doesn’t mean Westside at Montlake

As a Dawg Pack alum, the first (and last) shirt we received for being in the pack said “Throw Your Dubs Up.” Usually it stands for repping the Westside, but if you’re in Montlake, throwing your dubs up represents your Washington Huskies.

You Remember To Rock Your Purple On Fridays

Every UW fan will always remember that every Friday is Purple Friday. This is also good timing during football season as it hypes up everyone before Saturday football games.

This season, there will be two games that fall on Fridays. The first being on Nov. 15 against UCLA, and the second being during the Apple Cup on Nov. 29.


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