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Keith Price has the long awaited breakout game vs. Utes

Turning the corner?

University of Washington Huskies fans have been waiting all year long for a game like this from QB Keith Price.

It was presumed that after last year, Price would be one of the top QB’s in the nation in 2012, but that just hasn’t been the case.

Some speculate that we haven’t seen last years form because of all of the roster moves and shakeups that have been occurring since the offseason, but one would ask, why now then?

At least I do.

Why all of a sudden do we see the best game out of Price all year on the third from last regular season game?

At this point, I couldn’t tell you why, but all I know is I’m glad it came when it did.

We now have rolled off three in a row, and with only Colorado, and Washington State remaining, the Dawgs could very easily win the last 5 games of the year.

A major upswing heading into the bowl season.

But enough about that, let’s take a look back at what now has become Keith Price’s best game of the year.

Keith Price

Coach Sark finally has Keith Price back to his old self

Getting it done in the air

Price wasn’t perfect by any means on Saturday night, but he was effective.

No interceptions were thrown, which have been Price’s Achilles heel this year.

With part of the reason his numbers haven’t been where they were thought to be this year being that the Huskies have found a suitable replacement for Chris Polk in Bishop Sankey, Price still has been forcing balls into coverage that is just too tight.

The passing game will always be a huge part of the Huskies offense, just look at all the past great QB’s that have worn the purple and gold, but with a beast in the backfield like Sankey, it takes some of the pressure off the QB.

Or that should be the case at least.

Whatever happened in the past, is just that, in the past.

If we can see this sort of output from Price in the remaining two games, and the bowl game, then his season will not be considered a failure.

I think he has finally broken the chains, and feels confident once again.

Two TD games are not great in the NCAA world, but when you add a rushing TD to that as well, then you have to start paying attention.

Strong finish is a must

With the exception of the win vs. Portland State, the Huskies limped to the finish line in every other win leading up to the offensive explosion on Saturday night.

Sure you can’t expect to blow out ranked teams like Stanford, and Oregon State, but we should expect to score 22 plus points more than twice in a year as well.

Price’s 277 yard game against Utah is a start to an easy finish for the Dawgs.

A finish to the season that us fans are expecting to win out.

With Bishop Sankey rolling through the toughest of tough defenses in the Pac-12 all year so far, the next two games shouldn’t be a problem for him either.

But this piece is about Price, and I think he will be steamrolling through the Buffs and Cuagars defenses too.

Saturday morning we will see if last week was just a fluke, or if the 2012 version of Keith Price is back to his 2011 form.


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