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Washington Huskies: Impressive and unimpressive

Husky’s .500 start

A missed opportunity Saturday night, or a muffed one at least, as the University of Washington Huskies lost to USC despite scoring chances falling through fingertips on redzone possessions.

Ranked 23 only two games ago, the Huskies need to rebound quickly to participate in the postseason again. Losing three games against national championship contenders LSU, Oregon, and USC is nothing to hang heads about.

The Huskies will need to take care of business against the unranked teams on their schedule if a bowl game is in their future.

Below includes a few players that are over and underachieving for the Dawgs this year.

To withstand the #8 Oregon State Beavers (Oct 27), and win on the road (4 of 7 left outside Seattle), the overachievers will need to continue producing, and increased production will have to come from the under-whelmers.


Austin Seferian-Jenkins

The sophomore TE is bordering on beast mode for the Huskies. His absence early in the Oregon game hurt the Washington offense and disallowed them from attacking the seams.

You’re not off the hook Sark, better step up soon…

Collegiate linebackers will soon be unable to contain the 6’6” athletic TE. The NFL may be in his future, but for now, Austin Seferian-Jenkins will have to prey on Pac-12 defenses.

Shaq Thompson

An athletic super play from Shaq Thompson may have been the best part of the Oregon game a week ago, intercepting a tipped ball in a full dive.

This freshman is making his presence felt.

Perhaps it is the reassuring feeling of having a valuable safety in the starting lineup for up to three more years, but his ability to surround the ball on pass and run plays is infectious.

UW fans know the frustrations that Oregon S John Boyett has caused them (injured this year) starting from his freshman year.

Now, Thompson will match that in the Pac-12 and become a resounding gong in the face of offenses for years to come, this season included.


Keith Price

It is hard to put the full blame on Keith Price, but as the QB goes, so goes the team.

In UW’s three wins, Price has 5 TD’s and 1 Int. Although his passing yardage has not excelled on a national level, his average in wins has been more than adequate (222, 181, 177).

In UW’s three losses, Price has 2 TD’s and 5 Int.

Price has yet to throw a TD on the road. Can he turn it around against less-than-spectacular defenses?

The Husky faithful sure hope so.

Steve Sarkisian

You’re not off the hook Sark, better step up soon, or there may be a change at the top.


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