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Washington Huskies 2011 Bowl Chances – Fan Opinion

Evaluating UW Bowl Game Odds

The Huskies got off to a solid start to the Pac 12 season with a 31-23 home win over California. Hey, I know it was their first conference game, but when was the last time the Huskies were in 1st place in the conference?

Overall, UW is 3-1 and while their Pac 12 schedule is not an easy one there is a great chance that the Huskies will be headed back to another Bowl game.

The Rose Bowl? Maybe not, and by maybe I mean no way, as the UW pass defense is mediocre at best and they will not beat Stanford or Oregon this season.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the season’s conference games and my opinion on how the Huskies will finish.

At Utah – The Utes are 0-1 in conference play, but they came out in their last game and scored 54 points on BYU and that gave was an away one lo less! While the Utes have a good run defense their pass defense is not that great. Also, Utah does not have a great passing offense and that will hurt them. Out on a limb here, but take Cal. W (4-1)

Hosting Colorado – The Buffalos have a good pass offense, but that’s about it and the Huskies will tear them apart in the air and on the ground. W for UW (5-1)

Can the Huskies make it to a bowl game this year?

At Stanford – A suspect UW secondary facing Andrew Luck in Palo Alto? No chance. L (5-2)

Hosting Arizona – The Wildcats had high hopes this season, but after winning their season opener lost 3 straight to ranked teams. Nick Foles will have a big game and I think UW loses their first home game of the season here. L (5-3)

Hosting Oregon – LeMichael James and the Ducks’ offense? Not this season. L (5-4)

At USC – USC is not a powerhouse this season, but at home and with the passing offense led by Matt Barkley the Huskies will give up a ton of yards through the air and lose. L (5-5)

At Oregon State – The Beavers’ defense is not a good one and while their offense is decent I still see the Huskies winning this game with their offense and run defense. W (6-5)

Hosting Washington State – Yeah the Cougars may be better this season, but they are still one of the weaker teams in the Pac 12 and on top of that the game is in Seattle. Easy UW W (7-5)

OK, so in my estimations, which are never wrong by the way, the Huskies will finish the season 7-5 and they will play in a good Bowl game. Not a great one, but not a weak one either, as things are looking up for the Huskies and they will play in the post-season for the second straight year. Bank on it!


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  • Kdegginger

    This is CRAZY!!! There is no chance that U of A will beat UW at in montlake. I’snt Foles out now?  that makes UW 6-2 at that point & I think they will beat USC. (i hope so, im going) that makes them end up 9-3 and looking at a great bowl game. Ending the season ranked 22 in the nation.

  • Anonymous

    This article was posted 3 weeks before your comment…just for clarification

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