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UW Fans Perspective: Top 5 reasons why I hate the Oregon Ducks

Quack Quack…Whatever!

The Washington Huskies this week take on our bitter rivals the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks in my opinion are a bigger rival than the WSU Cougars.


While I like to tease the Cougars and their pathetic program I don’t hate them. I truly can’t stand the Ducks and don’t see a scenario in my life where I’d ever cheer for these guys to win.

In this post I’ll give five reasons why I HATE this team with such a passion that I have.

5. Bandwagon fans

This fanbase is the biggest bandwagon fanbase in the entire nation. First of all none of their fans existed prior to 1994.

Even after 1994 they gained a ton of fans but still wasn’t the level they have now.


Stay Classy Ducks Fans!

Most of these fans jumped on after 2009 when the Huskies and Cougars had horrible 2008 seasons while the Ducks went to the Rose Bowl.

Just say the name Rich Brooks to Duck fans most will think you are talking about the 1980 USA Olympics Hockey coach.

4. Beyond Homers

Ducks fans are the worst homers ever. At least Cougar fans can admit the greatness which is Chris Polk while the Ducks can’t.

Go to the ESPN boards and these guys will have you believing Polk (a late first round pick to early second round pick) would never play at Oregon.

They’ll have you believe a system back in LaMichael James is better despite the fact Polk is bigger, stronger, just as fast and is a better receiver (he runs routes not screen passes).

3. I grew up in Southwest Washington

Growing up in school through the 1990’s 80% of my school was Washington Huskies football fans while the other 20% were Cougs or some other bandwagon school like Florida State, Miami or Florida. No one was a Ducks fans.

Yet now here in town all I see is that stupid “O” around town because they are just so proud of the number of National Championships they have won.

2. Rude Fans who are cocky

If you have ever gone to a game at Autzen stadium wearing a Husky or Beavers jersey be prepared to have these cowards throw stuff at you with your back turned.

My friend in 2008 was hit by a full beer can and was knocked out. A game which was a blowout yet the Ducks fans feel the need to be rude.

They are known nationally as being the rudest fans in the nation. I’m sure Oregon-LSU and then Oregon-Boise State were interesting games in the stands as those three fan bases are the worst in the nation.


Oregon hasn't won anything important yet!

1. Oregon hasn’t won anything important yet act like they are top tier

Congrats Oregon you are a nice football program. Winning back to back Pac-10 titles is impressive. This is a nice little run you are having but to pretend your run ranks up there with USC or even the Huskies great runs is ridiculous.

For all this quacking the Ducks still haven’t won a Rose Bowl since get this – 1917. No player on that roster is even alive while the Huskies still have a player from their National Championship team in the NFL.

You want to know what a great run is?

Try having the conferences best record for a quarter century (Huskies 1977-2002), during that stretch go 27 consecutive seasons without a losing season, go to seven rose bowls, winning five of them, win an Orange Bowl and also winning a National Championship.

I’d say until the Ducks win a big game Kirk Herbstreit is correct on calling them the Paris Hilton (to update it I’d say more like Snookie) of college football.

Moral of the story, I can’t stand Oregon.

How can anyone take their program seriously when they still claim their biggest win in school history is against a 7-4 Huskies team at home back in 1994 leading them to a Rose Bowl that they lost?

Who prints shirts that says 12-0 with a game left to be played?

The Ducks claim they want to be big time but in reality they are just so little time.

Hope you enjoyed my reasons on why I don’t like the Ducks.

PS I will be the #1  Stanford fan next week.

Stay tuned for our 5 Reasons the Ducks hate the Huskies coming this week.

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  • “Anything important”  If you don’t view the conference title as anything important, then there is a real problem with your point of view.  Conference titles are extremely important and have to be won before stepping onto the national stage.  Maybe you should learn “team goals” at the beginning of every season. Ask any team what is the first goal from any coach! Win the stinking conference!

  • Kshell

    Have they won anything important far as nationally goes? No they haven’t.

    Where is their Rose Bowl wins or Orange bowl win or wins in Lincoln back when nobody won or in Miami? Exactly! No big time!

  • Dfgfd


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