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Top 5 games on the Washington Huskies schedule in 2012

A new attitude brings new beginnings

Okay, so here’s the deal. The Washington Huskies played a damn good game against Baylor last year in the Alamo Bowl.

But to get to that point, they had to make sure they survived the tough Pac-12 season with at least 6 wins, which they did.

Let’s take a look at this years schedule and see if their new retooled defense can bring home another 6, and maybe even more.

Here is my top five games on the 2012 Huskies football schedule.

September 8th, @ LSU

What a way to start off the season huh?

Well officially it is not the start of the season, as the Huskies take on San Diego State at home first, but this is the first “real” football game of the year for the Dawgs.

In my Fearless Predictions piece, I have the Huskies beating the Tigers down in Baton Rouge. I took a lot of crap for saying this, but in my heart I know that we can win this game.

Our defense is going to be a lot better this year, so we will not have to rely on Keith Price to throw for 600 yards a game just to win.

The Tigers are going to be a tough match-up for sure, but what better way to start off the season by taking down a top 5 team on the road.

Top 5 games on the 2012 schedule for the Huskies

Everything will have to be flawless for the Dawgs, but my prediction stands; Huskies 45 – Tigers 41. 

October 6th @ Oregon

This is a game that I would love to see the Huskies win, but I just don’t think they will.

Going into the second month of the season, Oregon should be all fired up and have any kinks that they may have all ironed out, and should run rough shot over the Huskies.

Forget about LSU, forget about USC, Oregon is the team to beat this year in college football.

They will run the table in the Pac-12, and go on to play in the National Championship game once again.

They Huskies do not stand a chance against them in Eugene. Sorry to say this, but it’s true. Huskies 35 – Ducks 54.

November 2nd @ Cal

Notice a trend yet?

All of the biggest games are on the road this year.

A place where the Huskies really need to pull out some victories if they want to be taken seriously in the Pac-12, and in college football for that matter.

The Golden Bears are one of those teams who is always right there in the standings, never too high in the polls, but never a team you want to take for granted either.

Playing in Berkeley can have it’s ups and downs, and as a Huskies fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I say this is a close one, Huskies 35 – Bears 31.

October 13th home USC

I’m going to reconsider my outcome in my Fearless Predictions piece, USC is going to be a tough team to play, even if it is a home.

I previously said Huskies 34 – Trojans 27, and I believe that could really be the outcome, but to be honest, after playing at Oregon the week before, I don’t think the Huskies have it in them.

What Pac-12 season would be complete without the Apple Cup (photo

A different date, and the Huskies could take this one, but not on this date. Huskies 31 – Trojans 41.

November 23rd @ Washington State

The Apple Cup. It’s the reason you watch Washington Huskies football. To see our Huskies demolish the cross state rival Cougars year in and year out.

This year the game goes back to Pullman, and a new coach for Washington State, Mike Leach will be trying to win his first Apple Cup.

But, it’s not going to happen.

Maybe in a few years when Leach can rustle up some of those big Texas recruits this will be a different outcome, but this year, the Huskies are kings of Washington. Huskies 21 – Cougars 17.

Of course, as predictions go, they rarely have the desired effect. Any of these games could go the other way, in fact, given the Huskies lack of a super star running back, they probably will.

I am predicting the Huskies go 8-4 on the year. With easy games against San Diego State, Portland State, Utah, and Colorado, this shouldn’t be that hard.

But there is always the fluke upset by a team that shouldn’t win. Just look at the Oregon State and USC games of the past few years.

So overall, I predict 8-4, but would be extremely happy with 7-5.

Go Dawgs, and we’ll see you on September first at CenturyLink Field!


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  • These are some bold predictions sir! Considering that on paper at least, LSU’s D Line ranks #3 in the national preseason polls in total D beating the Tigers of Baton Rouge will be a tall order. As for Oregon, I would say that baring any catastrophic injuries on Oregon’s side and a some sort of freak breakout season ( ala Rodgers bro’s at OSU) with Sankey, Johnson, or Smith I would say that is a fair assessment. Ditto for SC. As for WAZZU though? The only way for that to happen UW’s D line will have to figure out a way to contain Marquess Wilson. Considering that he had a 1,388 yds LY w/ 12 TD’s. Next to the Barkley-Woods combo of SC, Tuel/Wilson are one of the best pass-catch combo’s in the conference. I say the Apple Cup stays on the Palouse this year!

    • Clinton

      Bold is the only way I go! But I do have to disagree with your Apple Cup prediction, Huskies know how to win this game, and will win this game. It goes a lot deeper than the level of players on the field. This is the Huskies game, always has been, always will be.

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