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Breaking Report: Nick Holt fired as UW Defensive Coordinator

Does WSU Need a DC?

There are reports surfacing from Football Scoop, and from the Seattle TimesBob Condotta blog that University of Washington Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt has been relieved of his duties at the school.

Holt came over from from USC with Coach Steve Sarkisian when Sark was hired on at Washington.

Included in the report is the firing of Washington Huskies Jeff Mills, the team’s safeties coach.

The move comes after lots of uproar and calling of Holt’s head for the absolute collapse of the Husky defense.

This season, the Huskies were known for and chided for their defense, or lack thereof, in games against powerhouses like Stanford, USC and Oregon as well as DII opponents like Eastern Washington University.

Just take a look at how this defense did this year prior to the Alamo bowl. (Trust me – you don’t want me to include those stats – BoxscoreRecap)

  • 23 Sacks Good for 59th in the nation
  • 426 YPG Goof for 94th in Total Defense in the nation
  • 33 PPG allowed Good for 101st in Points Allowed in the nation
  • 283 Passing YPG Good for 116th in Passing Defense in the nation
  • 142 Rushing YPG Good for 55th in Rushing Defense  in the nation

The Huskies gave up more than 40 points in 5 games this season.

Nick Holt

There are reports surfacing that Nick Holt is Outta here!

In last night’s Alamo Bowl, the Washington defense gave up 777 total yards to Baylor. (Sorry I had to mention it)

Baylor RB Terrance Gannaway was almost completely untouched by the defense as he rushed for 200 yards alone combined with his 5 touchdowns against the Huskies.

This is plain as day to see folks. The problem is NOT the talent on defense. (Ok a little bit of it is) I chalk this up to coaching.

There a tons of crappy teams out there in Division one football that manage come up with a game plan on a regular basis with players of less talent.

Holt had plenty of top-end recruits and talent at Washington to make things happen, but just couldn’t put it all together.

With cornerbacks coach Demetrice Martin leaving Washington to join Jim Mora at UCLA, Washington will have to re-structure their defensive coaching staff in an effort to improve this year’s dismal defensive numbers.

As of right now this is NOT an official report. We’ve gotten no confirmation from the University of Washington.


NWSB “Q” Helped file this report.


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