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UW Apple Cup Preview: 5 Reasons the Dawgs win Saturday

Ways to make the Cougs bow down

Happy Thanksgiving Dawgs! I normally do a Huskies preview this time of the week, but I also wanted to do a top 5 reasons the Huskies were going to beat the Cougars in the Apple Cup.


After looking at the lists, though, they were pretty similar so I am cramming them all into one crap-talking, preview giving list.

Like I said earlier in the week, the Cougars suck. The Huskies could probably play all their freshman and still pull this off. They won’t, though, and the Cougs will probably put up a fight since this is their most important game of the year. (Since they can’t make bowl games!)

I break down the top 5 things the Huskies need to do to win this year’s Apple Cup.

5. Put pressure on their Quarterback

It doesn’t matter what quarterback the Cougs throw in, he seems to throw for a lot of yards. Unless you put pressure on him. The Cougars have gone through 3 quarterbacks this season because of injuries. If the Huskies get in Lobbastael’s face, it could spell trouble for the Cougs.

With pressure comes mistakes and with mistakes come opportunities to capitalize on them. The Huskies must do this.

4. Cover downfield

This means you, Quinton Richardson. The Huskies pass coverage has been spotty at best and atrocious many times. They NEED to cover the Cougar wide receivers and not let them rack up tons of yardage. If there is a game they need to play inspired defense, this is it.

Forget Nebraska, Stanford, Oregon, USC and Oregon State. You cannot lose because of this, Dawgs!

3. Protect the quarterback

Keith Price spent 3 1/2 quarters out of the last game because of the poor pass protection that re-injured his knee during the USC game. They cannot allow that kind of pressure to be put on Price OR Montana or else it could re-injure Price again and stunt the pass game.

This will be the scene after Saturday's Apple Cup. Again.

This is important for the Huskies as Chris Polk CAN hold the team up by himself, he shouldn’t have to.

2. Run the ball

This has been their key to success all year.

Chris Polk is a flat out beast and with this probably being his last Apple Cup, he will be running with a true purpose.

The Cougars defense is as bad as the Husky defense, if not worse, and Washington needs to keep creating opportunities for Polk.

When Polk runs, Washington wins. Plain and simple.

1. Do nothing

Let the Huskies play their game, but the Cougs will eventually “Coug it.” They are not a great team and are usually the bottom feeders of the conference. Let them play their game and they will cough it up in no time.

The Apple Cup is here, Husky fans. Love it or hate it, this is the most important game of the year to the Purple and Gold.

watch the Huskies lay a beat down on the Cougars while we wait to see which January bowl game they get in to.

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