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5 Reasons I’m excited to see UW Huskies QB Nick Montana play

With Price out, Montana is in

Don’t get me wrong here, folks. UW Huskies Keith Price is having a banner year for the most part, but he has been ruled out this weekend. As much as I love seeing the guy perform out there, I am also excited at the opportunity to watch freshman QB Nick Montana get his shot at the helm for a full game.


Here are 5 reasons why I’m excited to see Nick Montana take the field today.

5. Seeing and hearing about Joe Montana

With his son starting, there is no doubt that his father, the legendary Joe Montana will be present and rooting his son on. Who doesn’t like to reminisce about the good ol days when Joe was dominating the NFL?

4. His bloodline

I know I just mentioned Joe Montana, but this goes deeper. Joe’s talent was so unmatched, he became an instant legend. Well if he passed down any of his talent to his son, or taught him any portion of his personal work ethic, it is going to be exciting to see Nick out there slinging the football like his dad. We may be seeing future history in the making or the next golden child at the QB position.

3. He’s the future

Whatever happens to Keith Price, be it injury, transfer or jumping early to the NFL, we can be rest assured that Nick Montana is going to be there, ready to step in when called upon. He has show plenty of promise and with more opportunities, I have a feeling we’ll all see him shine.

This bloodline runs strong

2. His arm

If you saw the pass to Kasen Williams a couple weeks ago, you know what I am talking about. He lofted a ball about 50 yards through the air with ease. The kid has serious talents and a huge arm and it has been noticed. He can whip that ball better than a lot of current starting college QB’s and would love to see him throw more bombs downfield and show off that arm of his. That Montana to Kasen Williams connections could be a battery in the future.

1. His hype

With the son of a legend coming to the University of Washington, a son who is also very talented, there will be extra media attention for the Huskies. It could possibly bring more recruiting gold as well. Nick is not just a shadow of his father, he has proven he can play in the spotlight as well.

As the starting QB for Oaks Christian High School in Southern California, Nick not only beat one of the best teams in the country in local Skyline High School, but he led Oaks Christian to a CIF Championship, California’s high school championship.

This kind of talent brings lots of attention and it could work in favor of the Huskies, who could possibly earn more hype, more air time on bigger television networks and possibly better recruits who want to play with the guy.

Hey, I would.

If these reasons don’t excite you to see the son of a legend take over eventually at University of Washington, you should check your pulse.

Or your love of football.     

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