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*My* 5 favorite things about the new Husky Stadium

New and improved

The Washington Huskies spent a little bit of money ($250+ million) over the course of the last year and a half to upgrade Husky Stadium – one of the already great venues in college football.

They made quite a few minor tweaks that may go unnoticed by the untrained fan, but the true fans can spot the difference in a heartbeat.

Those changes made Husky Stadium, in my opinion, one of the ULTIMATE destinations for college football.

No, it doesn’t seat 100,000+ and while it has a few impressive banners, it does not have the championship banners that often get the majority of the attention.

Here are some of my favorite things about the renovated Husky Stadium.

Closer to the field

One of the best changes, on my opinion, was the removal of the track. By removing the track, the stands were brought even closer to the field and lowered 4 feet. This means that it will be one loud, formidable place.

If it wasn’t loud already, teams may be in for a surprise when coming to town.

Dempsey indoor facility, University of Washington

The Dempsey indoor facility is a nice addition that benefits the Huskies in multiple ways

Did you see the Boise State game? It sounded like a Seahawks game.

Comfort and access

Ease of entry is always an issue with fans in venues. They feel like cattle being pushed through small hallways until we all break off to our respective sections.

With the renovation, the concourse is wider and more spacious. Along with the concourse change, the bleacher seats were removed in favor of individual seats.

Scenic view

Husky Stadium has always been one of the most scenic and beautiful views in all of college football. That is not me being a homer, that is fact.

The renovations did nothing to take away from that and even possibly made the view slightly better.

Recruiting tool

The Dempsey indoor facility was built in the process, which the Huskies can use when the weather turns on them.

This is not only a helpful tool for the current players, but it is also a nice perk to attract possible recruits who are looking at Washington as their college destination.

Keeping tradition

I’m sorry, but it isn’t a Husky touchdown with the siren. Thank you for making sure the siren stayed.


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