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Moments In Time: 2010 Holiday Bowl – A Great day for UW Football

So many to choose from

The Washington Huskies (7-5, 5-4) are returning to a bowl game for the second straight year in the Alamo Bowl . That has many people thinking what are the Huskies best bowl moments.


For me the best moments are of course the 1978 Rose Bowl win over Michigan 27-24 which started the Don James run. The 1985 Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma which was a national win which put the Huskies on the map.

The 1992 Rose Bowl win over Michigan 34-14 which the Huskies won the national championship.

For me I was too young or not alive yet, so I missed those game. I’d say the 2001 Rose Bowl was special as the Huskies defeated Drew Brees 34-24 as they finally won the Rose Bowl where I remembered it.

Watching that game on T.V. was pretty special but instead I’ll choose another bowl game.

For me my favorite bowl moment was last years Holiday Bowl upset 19-7 over Nebraska which I was in attendance.

So was my uncle, my cousin, my best friend and his girlfriend as we sat on the 50 yard line.


At halftime the Huskies led 10-7 as Jake Locker had yet to complete a pass.

I went to the first game where Nebraska defeated the Huskies 56-21 and remembered walking out of Husky Stadium thinking if the Huskies played the Cornhuskers 100 times the Huskies wouldn’t win one time.

Heading into the Holiday bowl I stayed with my uncle (my father’s brother) who lives in San Diego for that whole week leading up to the game.

Going into the game I rode with my best friend and his girlfriend to the game.

I was elated to hear they serve alcohol at the stadium since it was an NFL stadium (Qualcomm stadium which by the way is a dump).

Walking into the game the Nebraska fans were nice but I was wearing my #1 Chris Polk jersey and carrying my #10 Jake Locker jersey for my cousin (My mothers side).

I dropped the Locker jersey and these Nebraska fans were like better get used to that so I turned to them pointed to my jersey and yelled get used to Polk running all over your a$$es.

Once in the stadium the crowd was definitely a Huskies crowd and the Huskies were wearing their black uniforms.

Then the game began as Nebraska was driving Victor Aiyewa stripped Burkhead of the ball as Alameda Ta’amu scooped it up and rumbled down to the 20 yard line.

I noticed something with our starting offense Jesse Callier was in there not Chris Polk so I told everyone around me watch here comes a trick play.

Sure enough I was right as Callier took the fly sweep then threw it back to Jake Locker for a 16 yard gain. After a play later, Polk finished the drive to give the Huskies a 7-0 lead as a I was freaking out.

2010 Holiday Bowl

That bowl game will always be special as the Huskies went from 0-12 to Holiday Bowl champs in just two years.

At halftime the Huskies led 10-7 as Jake Locker had yet to complete a pass.

The halftime show was terrific but left a ton of smoke for the playing field. As I was buying my cousin drinks all night she bought me one for the drive so I had two drinks with me as the Huskies took the opening possession.

When Jake Locker ran for the 25 yard touchdown I was jumping up and down I spilled my $8 drink and didn’t even care.

The Huskies would win the game 19-7 as I took a picture in front of the trophy since I sat so close to the field. It was a great experience sharing it with my two family members and my two friends.

After the game it was time to head to L.A. with my friend and his girlfriend as we had tickets for the UW mens basketball at UCLA game the next day.

The Huskies would win at UCLA for only the third time since 1987 to begin Pac-10 play 2-0.

Later that night a bunch of friends came down and we celebrated New Years in Los Angeles.

That bowl game will always be special as the Huskies went from 0-12 to Holiday Bowl champs in just two years.

Plus I was at the game with my friends and family. That 48 hour period was one of the greatest 48 hours of my life with both Husky programs achieving success.

As a northwest fan those 48 hour periods are very few and far between. For me this will always be my favorite bowl game.

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