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Pac 12 Rematch! Inside the Numbers: Price vs. Luck

QB Comparison

Stanford QB Andrew Luck is having a pretty good year and is highly touted as the next #1 overall draft pick.  Huskies QB Keith Price is having a very impressive season so far as well.  Who’s got the statistical edge?


Completion %

Keith Price this season has completed 118 out of his 170 attempts for a completion percentage of 69.4%.  That’s an impressive number given that the Huskies are still considered a rush first team with RB Chris Polk on the team.

It also shows that the Huskies get down the field quickly and don’t typically put together long, clock consuming drives.

Andrew Luck is 129 out of 181 passes with a 71.3% completion rating.  Stanford is known as a pass first team due to Luck’s big arm, accuracy, and ability to run the offense like a veteran pro such as Peyton Manning.

Advantage: Andrew Luck

Passing Yards

UW QB Keith Price has thrown for 1466 yards so far this season.  He currently ranks #44 in the country in passing yards.  That’s slightly impressive for having a near 1,000 yard rusher in Chris Polk on the team.  And only halfway through the season for that matter.

Andrew Luck has thrown for 1719 yards at the halfway point.  He is currently 20th in the nation in passing yards.

Advantage: Andrew Luck

Touchdowns Thrown

Keith Price has thrown for 21 touchdowns this season.  That number has him in second place in the nation and only 1 behind the leader.  He has thrown touchdowns to 7 different players and 6 to WR Jermaine Kearse, the team leader in touchdown catches.

Andrew Luck as thrown for 18 touchdowns this season. He is currently 7th in the nation and 3 behind Price.  He has also spread the ball well, hitting 7 different players for touchdowns and his team leader has 6 as well.

Advantage: Keith Price

Keith Price

Keith Price stacks up well against Andrew Luck - who has the advantage?


Keith Price has thrown 4 interceptions this season.  That is an impressive number on it’s own, but consider this.  He has only been the direct reason for the interception 1 time.  The other 3 came from deflections and bobbles by his receivers.

Andrew Luck has thrown 3 interceptions this season.  He can be credited with all 3 of those as he made a few bad moves on ball placements and paid the price.

Advantage: Keith Price


Keith Price has only has 15 yards rushing this season on 29 attempts.  The issue with that is that while Price scrambles, he picks up decent amounts of positive yardage.  His sacks taken, though, (12) have diminished his final total of rushing yards.  He has not rushed for a touchdown yet this season.

Andrew Luck has 13 rushes for 60 yards.  He has not been sacked hardly at all this season (twice) and his positive yardage gains show that.  He has rushed for 1 touchdown this season.

Although Luck has more yardage and a touchdown, Price’s actual rushing ability is far superior to Luck’s.

Advantage: Keith Price


As you can see, the statistics are almost identical in all categories.  I have to give Keith Price the edge, because he has better offensive weapons.  Andrew Luck is expected to be a great quarterback and we see that.  He has the advantage in the more important categories listed here.

But with a pass first mentality, that is what you should come to expect from them.  Price, however, has done a lot more than anyone thought he would and on a rush first team.

They stack up evenly which should make this weekend’s game even more exciting.  Although Stanford is a heavy favorite, don’t put it past Price and the Dawgs to go into Palo Alto with guns blazing.

We could see a huge upset this weekend in favor of the Huskies.

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