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Bye Week Blues 2013: Washington Husky edition

Part 1

As odd as it is to say this, the Washington Huskies are on their first bye week of the 2013 season. While it may be week 2, I still have plenty to write about. After a big win against Boise State to open the season, we saw what we wanted to see. That was only 1 week, though.

What do the Huskies have to look forward to looking ahead?


Several players stepped up that weren’t necessarily expected to. Players like RB Deontae Cooper, WR John Ross and TE Josh Perkins came out and made contributions. I left them out or downplayed them in my Husky season preview!

That’s how deep this team is this season. With Kasen Williams in the game, Jaydon Mickens wound up being the top receiver. With Austin Seferian-Jenkins out and Michael Hartvigson in the game, Josh Perkins flourished.

Offensive Tempo

Keith Price looked extremely comfortable in the hurry up offense and capitalized on his strengths to have a monster game. The speed of the offense kept Boise State on their toes and should take the Pac-12 by storm if the team can keep running it effectively.

Save the best for the first half

With the game against Oregon taking place earlier on in the season than we are use to the past few years, it actually makes it easier on the Dawgs. While you can’t look past ANY game on the schedule, it is important to make sure you highlight the toughest game on the schedule.

That game takes place October 12th at Husky Stadium.

Win or lose, the Huskies will have the pressure of their toughest game out of the way and can focus on hitting their stride in the second half, possibly for the Pac-12 title game or a potential bowl game.

Keith Price, Washington Huskies

Keith Price flourished with the new uptempo offense

And what do they need to be cautious of looking forward?

Keeping Pace

While Sark said they will slow it down when needed, I have a feeling they will spend quite a bit of their offensive looks going with the hurry up offense. Here’s to hoping the guys are conditioned enough to keep it up for that long.


I am not trying to jinx anything by mentioning this, but injuries are a direct result of running a no huddle offense. With players stretching themselves thin tryin to keep up with the fast paced action, they are more susceptible to injury. Here’s to hoping Ivan Lewis has them well conditioned.


You had 8 against Boise State. Stop that.

Trap games

Like I keep saying, you can’t look past a single opponent in the Pac-12. As a Husky fan, the worst moment of last season was not losing to LSU. It was not losing to Oregon. (Although that hurt a lot, like usual.) It was not losing to USC. It was not losing to Arizona.

It was losing to Washington State, a team the Huskies should have wiped the floor with considering how both were playing last season as the 2 met.

The Huskies cannot take a single game lightly, especially if they want to get into a championship mentality.

If the Huskies keep playing like they did week 1, things will go well. The team will keep up with Arizona and Arizona State. They may even hang with Oregon.


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