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Reasons UW Fans Need to make the trip to the 2011 Alamo Bowl

Husky fans WILL remember the Alamo!

This country has so much to offer in almost every neck of the woods you come across. When the Washington Huskies head to San Antonio, Texas for the Alamo Bowl on December 29th, Huskies fans will have lots to look forward to when making the trip in your Purple & Gold.


The Alamo Bowl will obviously be the feature of the whole trip, but there is a whole lot more to look forward to while in Texas.

Here are 5 reasons to make the trip to the Alamo Bowl.

5. Vacation

Any time away from school or work is a vacation, right? Obviously, heading south and watching the Huskies play in a bowl game is a vacation on its own, but there is plenty more to see and do while in San Antonio.

For starters, the weather will be a lot nicer than here in the PNW. The average low is 41 degrees (which has been our high temperature for the good part of 3 or 4 weeks now) and the average high is 64 degrees. Not tanning weather, but you can definitely bring out the shorts and t-shirts for this one.

The Alamo

The namesake of the Huskies bowl destination this season, The Alamo

The surrounding area is full of attractions like places to eat and shop as well as some fun things like holiday lights. They have a riverwalk out there and they host a light display each year. Check out the details here!

They also have historical sights nearby like the namesake of the featured bowl, the Alamo. If you know your history, you will know that this was a lost battle to the Mexican Army who, after 3 attempts, finally got over the Alamo walls and wiped out the defending Texians who showed up to defend the mission. You can still visit The Alamo as it was named The Most Popular Tourist Site in Texas.

And lastly, if you still like the NBA after the Sonics theft, you can follow in the footsteps of both participating teams and head to the San Antonio Spurs home opener against the Memphis Grizzlies on December 26th.

4. Get on ESPN

This BCS Bowl Game will be featured on ESPN and be under a much larger magnifying glass than before after Baylor QB Robert Griffin III just won the Heisman Trophy. Not only will the ESPN Gameday people most likely be there (not confirmed) but ESPN loves to scan the crowds.

Here is your chance, Husky fans. Make a funny or catchy sign and it is almost a sure shot to get yourself and your neighbors at the game on national television.

Especially with all the new sign competitions and sites dedicated to the best signs seen on tv.

3. Scout the Seahawks next QB

I know this is not a Seahawks article, but this has to be brought up. With the Seahawks most likely looking for their quarterback of the future in next year’s draft, all eyes will be on Robert Griffin III.

Seahawks fans have been frothing at the mouth since mid-season to see this guy wearing a Seahawks uniform next season.

2011 Alamo Bowl logo

2011 Alamo Bowl - Baylor Bears vs. Washington Huskies

Make your way to the game and see this electrifying future Seahawks player in action. We obviously don’t want him to win the game, but he will blow you away no matter what the end result is.

2. Help the Huskies bowl chances next year

That’s right, you CAN make a difference for the Huskies bowl chances for next season. When committees consider which schools they want representing their bowl game that season, they look at several things.

It obviously comes down to money, but that’s where traveling out there can help. Part of the reason the Huskies were even chosen for this game is because of their large following last year to San Diego against Nebraska.

When a team has a large following guaranteed to sell tickets and fill the stadium up, organizers are more likely to choose those schools to ensure financial success of their bowl game.

By going to the game, you are helping the Huskies cause out next year for the best possible bowl available to them.

1. Root for your Huskies

Obviously, the main reason to travel to the game, but it’s the best reason. Being a part of Husky nation is a proud thing for most and taking the time and financial investment it takes to get there is a huge ordeal.

To cheer for your beloved team, though, on national television against one of the best opponents in all of college football is as electrifying as it can get.

As a Husky fan, as a college football fan, as a sports fan. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So head to San Antonio and cheer for the Purple & Gold. Be loud, proud, and lose your voice. It’s a proud moment for Husky football and a memory you will probably never forget.

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