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Huskies Football: Defense starting to rebound from rough start

Defense picking up it’s slack

The Washington Huskies are enjoying their first 4-1 start since the 2006 season heading into their bye week. The reason everyone is excited about the Huskies this year is the play of the offense who are averaging 34 points per game.


The Huskies offense led by Keith Price who has thrown for 17 touchdowns which is second most in the nation. Chris Polk is also leading the rushing attack this season as well. The Huskies in the past six quarters went from a solid team to a team on the verge of making noise due to the play of the defense.

The Huskies defense who had fans scared from their first 14 quarters this season has shown they are starting to turn the corner on this season. The Huskies defense, not the offense, is the key to the season. The offense will score on anyone as they haven’t been held under 30 points all season long including 38 points on the road in a loss to Nebraska. If the defense can just play average the Huskies are headed towards a nine win season if not 10 wins. If the defense plays like they did the first 14 quarters they will win only seven games (the offense is that good).

In the first 14 quarters of the season the Huskies allowed 130 points (9.3 points per quarter=37.1 points per game), 1,617 yards (115.5 per quarter=462 yards per game) while allowing 28-50 (56.0%) on third downs. Then after leading 21-20 against California at halftime something changed with the defense.

Cort Dennison Leading the Huskies D

The defence started to actually defend their opponents which hopefully willl change Huskies history for the greater.

In the past six quarters of football the Huskies have allowed only 17 points (2.8 points per quarter=11.2 points per game), 518 yards (86.3 yards per quarter=345.3 per game) and allowing only 8-19 (42.1%) on third downs.

The Huskies defense has also seen their opponent the last two games in the red zone eight times while allowing only three touchdowns (last touchdown came with 14 seconds left in a game which they led 31-7). The defense has shown they are turning their season around.

In conclusion, if the Huskies defense can play like they did the first six quarters of the season led by Desmond Trufant, Cort Dennison and Alameda Ta’amu.

This could easily be a 10 win team if the defense continues to play the way they are playing because the offense is the best the Huskies fans have seen in well over a decade. There is harmony in this program no more talk of coaches being fired which has been nice.

The Huskies defense will decide if this is a special season or a forgetful season.

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