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Following their lead: Washington Huskies to the NBA

UW: Wroten & Ross vs. Schrempf & Robinson

University of Washington basketball has always put out quality players regardless of how they finish each season. This year is no different as the team is coming together at the right time to make a run at the Pac-12 tournament and the NCAA tournament. The standouts this season have been Freshman Tony Wroten and Sophomore Terrence Ross.

They have shown so much talent and potential that man experts are predicting both players to be mid to early first round draft picks in the 2012 NBA Draft.

The debate rages on, though, about whether they should, or will, declare for the draft and go pro. There are many arguments for and against these guys to make the jump, but that debate will be saved for the future.

I thought to myself, “What other Huskies were chosen in the first round that compare to these 2 guys? How do they compare?” And with that, I set out on my journey.

I knew the 2 players I wanted to compare Wroten and Ross with. Detlef Schrempf played the same position and pretty similar to Terrence Ross and Nate Robinson matches up with Tony Wroten in the same ways.

Detlef Schrempf was drafted 8th overall by the Dallas Mavericks in the 1985 NBA Draft before moving on to become a hometown favorite with the Seattle SuperSonics.

Nate Robinson was drafted 21st overall by the Phoenix Suns in the 2005 NBA Draft. He is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors.

Schrempf and Robinson went onto NBA success which left me wondering if the new guys could follow in their footsteps.

Here is how they stack up with each other based on the stats of their last year, or supposed last year, playing for the Washington Huskies.

Tony Wroten vs Nate Robinson

Tony Wroten – Freshman – Guard

2011-2012 Season Stats

Tony Wroten

Wroten's Freshman year has been good.

  • Minutes Per Game – 29.6
  • Field Goal % – .465
  • 3-Point % – .188
  • Free Throw % – .571
  • Rebounds – 4.9
  • Assists – 3.5
  • Steals – 2.0
  • Turnovers – 3.9
  • Points Per Game – 16.5

Nate Robinson – Junior – Guard

Nate Robinson, Washington Huskies

Robinson left after his junior year

2004-2005 Season Stats

  • Minutes Per Game – 31.5
  • Field Goal % – .463
  • 3-Point % – .385
  • Free Throw % – .782
  • Rebounds – 3.9
  • Assists – 4.5
  • Steals – 1.7
  • Turnovers – 2.0
  • Points Per Game – 16.4

Advantage: Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson‘s Field Goal % and Points Per Game were a shade under Wroten’s, but his 3-Point % and Free Throw % were well above Wroten’s numbers. Tony Wroten averages 1 more rebound per game but also gives up almost twice as many turnovers per game as Robinson.

Terrence Ross vs Detlef Schrempf

Terrence Ross – Sophomore – Guard/Forward

Terrence Ross, Washington Huskies

Ross on a tear in sophomore season

2011-2012 Season Stats

  • Minutes Per Game – 31.3
  • Field Goal % – .453
  • 3-Point % – .358
  • Free Throw % – .757
  • Rebounds – 6.8
  • Assists  – 1.5
  • Steals – 1.2
  • Turnovers – 2.0
  • Points Per Game – 15.6

Detlef Schrempf – Senior – Forward

Detlef Schrempf, Washington Huskies

Schrempf played all 4 years at UW

1984-185 Season Stats

  • Minutes Per Game – 36.9
  • Field Goal % – .558
  • 3-Point % – N/A
  • Free Throw % – .714
  • Rebounds  – 8.0
  • Assists – 4.2
  • Steals – 0.5
  • Turnovers – 3.6
  • Points Per Game – 15.8

Advantage: Detlef Schrempf

The fact that Schrempf stayed until after his senior season could contribute to the higher numbers.

Both have similar stats for the most part, but the biggest weighted stats were dominated by Schrempf.


Wroten and Ross have similar numbers to their counterparts. It is very feasible that these 2 go into the NBA and do well. Imagine, though, if they stayed in school and refined themselves.

How much higher would those numbers climb?


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