Washington State Coug n’ it again! Are you freaking kidding me?

The catch phrase that will not die

I’m sure by now the pain of watching the monumental Washington State meltdown in the New Mexico Bowl has started to at least go numb, so I thought we’d talk about a certain phrase that seems permanently woven into the history of Wazzu Football.

Coug n’ it.

Did Washington State go “Coug n’ it” at the New Mexico Bowl against Colorado?  Yup!  They sure did.  As plain as the crooked nose on Mike Leach’s face, they sure as heck did.

How else do you describe giving up 18 points in the last 2.5 minutes of the 4th quarter to lose a bowl game?  How else do you describe 3 fumbles on 3 consecutive touches by the Cougars in the final minutes of the game?

“Coug ‘d it” is even in the dictionary.  Look it up here!

Sure, you can try and point a finger at Leach for some questionable play calls. He ultimately chose not to run out the clock, but that type of action is not who he is.  He doesn’t do that… ever!

And if you are a coach playing against Leach, you best not point out that fact to him because he’ll just say, “f$@K you!”  Just ask Idaho coach Paul Petrino.

Blame Connor Halliday for this one. (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY)

Blame Connor Halliday for this one. (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY)

Nope. Sorry, Wazzu fans.  This unbelievably disappointing loss rests on the hands of three players who Coug’d it: Connor Halliday, Jeremiah Laufasa and Teondray Caldwell.   In just seconds, the Coug n’ it curse caught all 3 of them when they thought they had the game in hand.

That is the nature of the curse.  It waits until you think you have beaten it before it beats you.

Connor Halliday broke an NCAA record in New Mexico by throwing 6 touchdown passes in a game.  What’s really remarkable is that he threw 5 of them in the FIRST HALF.  And even more remarkable is that the 6 touchdowns were to 6 different receivers!

Perhaps Halliday was motivated by the exchange he had with Colorado assistant coach Greg Lupfer, who now  has been suspended two weeks without pay and will be forced to complete anger management classes and diversity training.  Lupfer could be seen mouthing what appeared to be obscenities and an anti-gay slur, “f$@king f#@got” at Halliday.

But the Coug n’ it curse was still too much for Halliday, as he became the first QB in bowl history to throw 6 touchdowns in a bowl game… and lose.

Don’t try to redefine the Coug n’ it curse.  Former Wazzu head coach Mike Price tried that.  Price once said from now on Coug n’ it means winning!  Yah, that didn’t really work either.

The only way WSU football is ever going to beat this thing is for them to become supremely coached.  Mike Price came close, but couldn’t close the deal.  Mike Leach is the coach that has the best chance of shaking the curse off like a bad case of fleas once and for all.

Leach knows how to recruit, he gets the most out of his players and he teaches the game to be played the right way.  Right now, however, he’s still dealing with players that he himself did not bring to Washington State.

Think about that before you run his likeness up the flag pole for this humiliating loss.

With a bit more time and a complete roster, Leach’s WSU teams will not have these kinds of meltdowns.  We already have seen plenty of hope in this 2013 season.  After all, the Cougars went to their first bowl game in a decade — that’s no small streak to break.

Now is not the time to lose faith, Wazzu.  I still see good things headed toward the Palouse.

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