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Twitter ban may help WSU Cougars maintain secrets

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Headline: Although Mike Leach refuses to blame Twitter for his team’s problems, he knows it hasn’t helped

Much debate has sprung from Washington St. Cougars head coach Mike Leach banning Twitter for all of his players.

Leach’s desire to change the Cougars culture has ruffled some feathers in Pullman this season, from questioning the seniors on his team to now taking away his players’ social networking voices.

This drastic measure has brought reactions not only from WASU’s campus, but nationally as college students everywhere cry foul while all the old people wonder what Twitter is.

Without the 140-character freedom that so many 19-22 year-old football players have become addicted too, it is a mystery how this will affect their play on the field.

Leach said that with a more controlled group of players, this decision would not have to be made.

He might have a point.

Here is a tweet from star WR Marquess Wilson before the much-anticipated matchup with the Ducks back in September:

“So, if Connor (Halliday) says red at the line of scrimmage, it’s a run, but if he says blue, we gonna pass #GoCougs”

The irresponsibility of Cougar players continued the next week. This tweet came from fellow WR Isaiah Myers before their loss to Oregon State:

Mike Leach

The Pirate Mike Leach banned Twitter

“Whenever our QB says a number at the line of scrimmage, we never snap the ball, he’s just trying to draw them offside! Hope no beavers read this! haha #GoCougs”

Then there was last week’s debacle, and this one may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Here is a tweet from QB Jeff Tuel before Saturday’s loss to California:

“Just talked to the D Coordinator, he said don’t tell anyone, but we aren’t going to play any linebackers or defensive lineman tomorrow, just corners and safeties! #GoCougs”

Whether this had anything to do with Cal rushing for 318 yards on Saturday or not is indefinable, but it probably didn’t help.

The players just had a real lack of self-control with their twitter accounts.

The only comments from the players consisted of mumbled silence and a joined confession that they all thought the hash tag #GoCougs meant only Cougars fans could read them.

Leach said that the ban had less to do with distractions off the field as much as it did giving away the Cougars overall philosophy, defensive alignments and hand signals.

WASU has sure been making things hard for themselves; perhaps a lack of twitter will help the team keep their secrets and win some ball games.

Please don’t consider me a Twitter expert; I prefer to be called a Twitter Wizard. All of these Tweets were made up and are not the real reason for the twitter ban. #StillFun


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