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Apple Cup Week 2011: 5 things I hate about UW Football

Apple Cup Smack Talk

I love the Apple Cup. I have ever since I was a child listening to both fan bases taking pot shots at each other on the local news.


The Apple Cup is all about the pageantry, and history of two schools that have competed in this annual game for over 100 years.

It’s what embodies collegiate rivalries in the northwest. For one day in the deep fall, it’s my own personal college football vested rooting interest.

I look forward to this week every year.

The Apple Cup also means I get to use my forum to let my true WSU Cougars colors fly.

While showing my detest of the purple W.

I love the Crimson and Gray, (such gorgeous colors by the way) and anything that doesn’t involve those two colors in Washington college football doesn’t matter.

I have to be honest, I’ve never gotten what the big deal was with the University of Washington.

I’ve always looked at the puppies as an over-hyped, no talent, twice caught (depends on how you look at Rick Neuheisel) cheating program. They were USC before USC! (that’s not good)

I have gripes and so without adieu, Here are the 5 things I hate about the UW

1. Their ugly colors, and their ridiculous over-sized logo

Purple and gold? Really? I couldn’t think of two worse colors to pair together in the history of pairing colors. (I don’t actually know if there is a color pairing history, it just sounded good)

Never is it a good idea to wear purple on any given day let alone on Saturday’s. Unless your alone because wearing purple automatically gets you laughed at.

WSU Apple Cup

It's Apple Cup Week! - Let The Smack Talk Begin!

And what’s with the over-sized, clown shoes, big W of a logo?

Did you have to make it that big so your fan base as collective whole could read it? What does that W mean again? Worthless maybe?

2. Players

Anybody that commits to play football at the UW has really bought a scam from a used-car salesman. Does anyone outside of puppy nation actually believe the puppies will be in a Rose Bowl or the national championship game anytime soon? (I’m actually laughing while writing this section)

The type of football player that commits to UW usually has an affinity for marijuana, and have what doctors consider a little bit of drinking problem. (not a really huge surprise because you would have to be drunk enough to even enroll at that school)

3. Coaches

Nothing more then glorified used-car salesmen with bad hair. Especially the current “lord over montlake” Steve Sarkisian.

Has there ever been a more overrated, over-payed, over-hyped head coach in college football history? (can’t wait for the puppy response to that gem)

At most Sarkisian is an 8 win coach with a Pete Carroll wannabe mantra. (He wants to be Pete Carroll so bad)

If you want a diagram for how Sarkisian’s UW career will play out, look at Mike Stoops for your answer.

HOT Cougar

Oh And Our Cheerleaders Are Hotter too!

4. 1991 (feux) CO-national championship

I’ve never seen any one fan base worship a national championship team more then the puppies do with that 1991 team.

It was over 20 years-ago, but for some reason puppy fans still think that team has relevance today for some reason. Just having Sarkisian sit behind the same desk as Don James doesn’t mean your team will magically transform into that team.

Every time I hear puppy fans (especially one’s that were 2 to 5 years-old in 1991) talk about puppy legacy and tradition like they actually know what they are talking about, I just laugh, and shake my head. (P.S. the ’91 team didn’t even win the title outright, they have to share it..lol)

5. Over-valuing your current team

This drives me crazy because UW fans actually think their team is ready to take that next step in the process. (lol)

Mind you they are only 2 1/2 years removed from the talentless 0-12 team of Tyrone Willingham. It takes time to bring a program back up off the ground from nothing.

Every time I hear a puppy think they are better then their record, it just lets me know how uneducated their fan base really is.

As nice as it was for the puppies golden boy (Jake Locker) to go out on top, it seriously clouded their judgement.

Young teams teams have their problems. (growing pains)

You have to crawl before you can walk in the world. Puppy fans need to realize their team is exactly what they are seeing on TV.

A team that gets beatdown 190-93 to Nebraska, Stanford, Oregon, and USC. Then followed that up with a 38-21 undressing in Corvalis. (a team you are allegedly better then).

You guys are a middle-of-the-road Pac-12 team that really are about two years away from doing any real damage. If that….

Happy Apple Cup week to all my fellow Cougs.

Live the day for the Crimson and Gray

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  • Kshell

    “You guys are a middle-of-the-road Pac-12 team that really are about two years away from doing any real damage. If that….”You know what is worse than being middle of the road? Being in the bottom like WSU has been. LOL.Eight years without a bowl game and counting…..

  • Insider Steve

    Better to know who we are, then to pretend to be something we aren’t.. Go Cougs!

    • Kshell

      Not really? Every Coug preseason talked non stop about a bowl game while UW was going to “rebuild” without Locker. Instead UW improved while WSU for the eighth straight year is sitting at home for the holidays.

  • T_denning


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