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*Just My 2 Cents* Keep Ken Bone as Cougar Head coach

Bone is the right guy

My fellow Washington State Cougars writer,  Jordin Ereth, wrote an interesting piece regarding the case to relieve Ken Bone of his duties as Cougar basketball coach.  I happen to disagree with Jordin.

In his four seasons at WSU, Bone has a 70-65 overall record.  That’s a winning percentage of over .500.  Not many Cougar head coaches can claim that after their first four years.

Dick Bennett, who resurrected the WSU program after the grease fire that was Paul Graham, only had a 36-49 record after three years.  Nobody was calling for his head.  George Raveling was a hugely popular head coach, but was only 43-54 after his first four years.

Want another example?

How about legendary WSU and UW basketball coach Marv Harshman.  His record after four years at Wazzu was 41-63.  Bone has nothing to be ashamed of.

Ken Bone deserves another season as WSU's head coach. (Photo: Dean Hare/AP)

Ken Bone deserves another season as WSU’s head coach. (Photo: Dean Hare/AP)

Coach Bone has been hurt by players not staying all four seasons.  Klay Thompon and DeAnglo Casto both left early.  Can you picture Casto, Thompson and Brock Motum playing together?

CKB has also been hurt by injuries to key players.  Mike Ladd and DaVonte Lacey have been hurt on and off the past two seasons.  Don’t forget about Reggie Moore being booted off the team.

Players need to be accountable for their actions., and it’s not Bone’s fault Moore couldn’t handle himself better off the court.

Bone is a good recruiter who has brought in Pac-12 caliber talent like Mike Ladd, DaVonte Lacey, Reggie Moore, Royce Woolridge and Demarquise Johnson among others.  Don’t forget, after TB left for University of Virginia, CKB flew to Australia and kept Brock Motum as a Cougar.

How did that turn out?

Coach Bone is also adept at coaching up his players.  It’s undeniable Thompson, Casto, Motum, Mike Ladd and DaVonte Lacey all improved their games under CKB.  His players also play hard and don’t give up.

This past season was not a stellar one for the basketball program due to injuries and some bad luck, but game after game the Cougs were in a position to win games.

A late-season surge saw WSU beat UCLA and USC, and almost beat the Dawgs in the opening round of the Pac-12 tournament.  Teams that have given up don’t do that.

I am not saying Cougar Nation and Athletic Director Bill Moos should be happy with a 13-19 record.   Washington State should be consistently in the upper part of the Pac-12 in basketball and all other sports. 

However, you can’t let one poor season make us forget Bone is 70-65 in four years and has an overall head coaching record of 409-255.

The guy can coach.


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