5 Reasons Why it’s OK to Pay $12,000 for a Jersey Number

 How much?

The Trailblazers made a solid off-season move recently signing Seattle native Jamal Crawford, but all was not well when he signed the contract and came to Portland.


Crawford’s number is #11 and when he got to the Blazers that number was already taken by Luke Babbitt.

After some heated, and by heated I mean playful, negotiations between Babbitt and Crawford, with LaMarcus Aldridge acting as a mediator, the 2 players came to a deal.

Crawford agreed to pay Babbitt a cool 12 large for the #11 jersey.

Babbitt said about the tense negotiations, “He low-balled me. So I came back with something and we met in the middle. Jamal’s a veteran, so he deserves it, Besides, I didn’t even like 11.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock into the number you wear and a number isn’t worth that much to me. So I’m a happy man. I think Jamal’s a happy man. It’s a win-win.”

Crawford said, “That was a hard bargain, a tough bargain to get it. Luke could have been a lawyer … he got me.”

Both players laughed about the deal and let’s hope the #11 can continue to help Crawford’s scoring touch, which the Blazers will really need this upcoming season.

$12k is a lot for a jersey, but here are 5 reasons its ok to pay that much for one.

1. Players are superstitious

 There may be no job where people are more superstitious than pro athletes.

There are so many weird ones out there, but one of the most common is the jersey number. If Crawford had looked down and had not seen the usual #11 he may not have felt like the same player.

Thanks Luke.

Jamal Crawford

12k is a lot to most people, but Crawford has been in the league for a while. - (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

2. Crawford’s got the coin

12k is a lot to most people, but Crawford has been in the league for a while and has made solid bank and his contract with the Blazers was for 2 years and $10 million. He’ll be fine.

3. Double number jerseys are cool

There is no doubt about it that jerseys with double numbers are cool and this is even more so if the numbers are odd. Come on, what sounds cooler 11 or 22? Yeah, easy question 11 by a landslide.

4. Babbitt will be on Crawford’s good side

With the deal pocketing 12k for the #11 jersey that Babbitt really did not want maybe Crawford will pass up a shot and look for his new good buddy. I mean if Babbitt is open and Crawford sees him send him the rock, he gave you his number!

5. Starting the season off with a little fun

There is no better way to break some ice with a new guy than to have some fun. The negotiations were all in fun and it will only bring the team closer together.

Let’s say Babbitt felt the same way and would not give up the #11.

That would have created some tension right off the bat and that is not a good way to start a season even if it is a shorter season.

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  • Loved this actually. Not a huge basketball fan, and even if I was, it probably wouldn’t be of Portland. That being said, I think this thing basically applies to all sports. Nice work.

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