A Portland Trail Blazers Christmas Wish List

All We Want

With Christmas just seven days away, if you’re anything like me, you still have a few gifts left to purchase on your shopping list.


So, if you’re heading out to tackle that pack of holiday hyenas at mall, don’t forget to stop by and see Santa Claus and ask for some extra holiday cheer.

Me, well, like every other year, I always ask Saint Nick for a few extra presents to leave under the tree of one of my favorite sports teams.

This year it’s the Portland Trail Blazers.

As the only Pro team in Oregon for the past couple of decades, Blazer fans, including myself, have become obsessed with an NBA championship, and besides peace on earth and good will towards men, to bring a title home to “Rip City” ranks high on the ole Christmas Wish List.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, that’s an awfully tall order.

But, if we all believe just a little, maybe the big guy will deliver on a least one or two of these requests, giving or beloved Blazers the best present any team could ever receive.

No. 5 Good Health

Like a bad episode of CAVEMAN that keeps playing over and over, the Blazers have become all too familiar with, injuries that battered the franchise yet again last season.


Kurt Thomas, the oldest active player in the National Basketball Association has been around so long he used to wear these uniforms!

Thirteen players missed a combined 311 games because of injury or illness in 2009-10. Eight players missed a combined 252 games this season.

No. 4 A bottle of Resveratrol

For Kurt Thomas, the oldest active player in the National Basketball Association. Thomas, who has played 16 seasons with eight teams, has scored 8,716 points and grabbed 7,051 rebounds.

We just need one-good year.

No. 3 Another Big

Regardless of how Greg Oden progresses through his injury setbacks, the Blazers need another big man.

Marcus Camby’s injury history is legendary and other than stud forward LaMarcus Aldridge, the team is thin and really doesn’t have the depth to weather any injury to Camby.

No. 2 Business Cards for Chad Buchanan

The man has done a good job as interim general manager, and the Blazers will be hard pressed to fill the position with someone better.

Although he is not making all the decisions on his own, he was still key in the draft day trade that landed the team Raymond Felton, and Nolan Smith, a player better and cheaper than anyone the team could find on the free agent market in 2011.

No. 1 A Larry O’Brien trophy

Okay, so I know this one’s a stretch, but Santa has a few months to come up with this one.

Merry Christmas Trail Blazers’ Fans!

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