Oden’s Last Chance to make a statement in Portland

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Greg Oden has one more year on his 4-year $21.8 million dollar rookie contract with the Portland Trail Blazers and this may be his last chance to get a big money contract, but he must stay healthy this season if there is one. The lockout really hurts Oden, especially if he is healthy, but that is a big if.

When he is on the court and not sitting in street clothes he has shown he is a legit NBA center with career numbers per 36 minutes of 15.3 ppg, 11.9 rpg and 2.3 blocks per game.

Man, just think of how good the Blazers could be if Oden were healthy and Brandon Roy had decent knees.

Is this Greg Oden's last chance in Portland?

A dominant center with a lights out scoring guard with stud PF LeMarcus Aldridge? That is a team that could go far. Even if Oden has a decent season it may be hard for the team to resign him.

The Blazers fell on hard luck when they signed Brandon Roy to a max extension and then his knees went south. He is a contract drain on the Blazers and unless his knees get better that contract will haunt Portland for years.

If there is a NBA season and Oden has his minutes cut and proves he can stay healthy he will be an attractive free agent after next season. Saying on the court is the key, as if he suffers yet another season ending injury the Blazers may cut ties with him.

This is not only a downer because he has so much potential, but also because he is such a nice guy.

Next season may be a make-or-break for the Blazers, as if Roy and Oden can remain healthy they may contend in the Western Conference, but if not they will be fighting to just make the playoffs. I think the latter is more likely, but the glass is always half full for me when it comes to the Blazers.


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