On the road again… Jamal Crawford trade rumors

Bye Jamal….

Last summer, I was excited to hear that Jamal Crawford was returning to the Northwest with the plan that he was going to team up with Brandon Roy as an 1-2 punch at the off guard spot to help lead the Trail Blazers deep into the playoff season.

Unfortunately BRoy retired and Crawford was a shell of what was expected when he signed his two year player option contract.

Sadly the Crawford experiment has been deemed a failure by not only the fans, but by both management and Crawford himself.

With draft day and the deadline for contracts set to expire at the end of this week, there is more than a chance that the Blazers and Crawford will be involved in some sort of draft day trade that will turn out positive for both parties.

Although Crawford failed to produce as expected on the court statistically, his contributions to the club and the community were extremely positive and there should be no ill feelings on either behalf.

With that being said, let’s break down five potential new locker rooms that JCrossover can hang his hat next season.

Miami Heat

I have been a Crawford fan since his days at Rainer Beach High School, through his one and done at Michigan, even though I hoped he would be a Washington Husky, and all through his NBA adventure.

Sadly if Jamal joins the “Heatles”, I may be forced to trade him off my fantasy league team.

With Mike “The Undertaker” Miller set to retire this season, the Heat are in need of a hired gun to come off the bench and help lead the second unit.

While Ray Allen is also rumored to be heading to South Beach, let it be known that The King himself tried to recruit Crawford before he signed with the Trail Blazers.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Portland TrailBlazers Betting Lines & Handicapping

Jamal Crawford likely out on a draft day deal this summer

Boston Celtics:

If the rumors of Allen heading to South Beach become a reality, look for the Celtics to pounce on Crawford.

While he would be coming off the bench in Miami, a starters spot would be wide open in Beantown.

Although seeing Crawford in Celtic green is not my ideal location for him, it is somewhat tolerable, as watching he and Rajon Rondo break down defenders on the fast break would bring endless YouTube highlights.

Although only four years younger than Allen, Crawford’s legs have less mileage and could help return the Celtics to another deep playoff run.

LA Lakers: 

Ah, the Purple and Gold, an ideal place for Crawford in my opinion.

Not only could he help their lack of point guard situation, with Ramon Sessions opting out of his contract, but he could also bring some much needed scoring off the bench.

Sure he would have to deal with playing with Kobe, but if Bryant were smart, he would realize that his window of a sixth championship is closing and help is needed.

As the trade deadline approached this season, the Lakers were rumored to be involved in a three way that included Crawford (though he was going to the Timberwolves), but they may realize that having him play at Staples would be a better option.

Could Crawford be taking  talents to South Beach? ( cbssports)

Minnesota Timberwolves:

As mentioned, the Timberwolves were seeking Crawford earlier this season and they may finally end up with him this summer (my personal plan B option).

With a plethora of Northwest talent on the roster (Luke Ridnour, Martell Webster and Kevin Love) adding Crawford would give the Trail Blazers a run for their money as the Northwest’s favorite team.

While Wesley Johnson and Wayne Ellington have proved to be serviceable, both average just over six points a game each, not something that one would expect from their starting shooting guard, especially on a team with so much promise.

Crawford who more than doubles their offensive output, would give the Timberwolves a backcourt threat to go along with Ridnour or Ricky Rubio when he returns.

LA Clippers:

With Chauncy Billups, Randy Foye and Nick Young all free agents this summer, adding Crawford to the Clippers backcourt almost seems like an ideal fit.

While there is a chance that either Foye or Young could return to the team next season, teaming Crawford with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan would solidify “Lob City”.

Crawford has success with an uptempo offense and nothing screams that more than the new look Clippers, who with a full training camp are only bound to improve on last seasons numbers.

While it is unfortunate that Jamal Crawford‘s return to the Northwest did not work out as hoped by many, there are a number of suitors out there that have his services in high demand and three of them give Jamal his best chance at capturing a NBA championship.


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