Portland Trail Blazers vs. Hawks Blog: Love’ Em & Hate’ Em

Time For A Team Meeting

For some reason, the Portland Trail Blazers are a completely different team on the road than at the Rose Garden.

Atlanta 92, Portland 89
When: 8:00 PM ET, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Where: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Officials: #75 Eric Dalen, #57 Greg Willard, #40 Leon Wood
Attendance: 13729

Too many defensive lapses and not enough consistent offense kept the Blazers from winning  what was probably the best showing of their road trip yet, falling to Atlanta 92-89 and to just 2-5 on the road this season.

It wasn’t that the Hawks were that much better either, just more consistent.

Love ‘Em

1. Nolan Smith

Fans can finally rejoice. At least for one game our boy found a way to stay on the floor more than 3 minutes. He defended nicely too.

He also had two assists and almost looked like a point guard, well um maybe.

He was 1-3 from the arc.

2. Rebounds, points in the paint, and turnovers

Blazers 13 offensive rebounds (41 total), Hawks 5…good game. Blazers force 14 turnovers and only commit 9, and put up 40 points in the paint to Atlanta’s  36…


Trail Blazers vs. Hawks

Who poked Batum in the eye in the first half. Curly or Moe? (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Hate ‘Em

1. Tracy McGrady

Who  poked Nicolas Batum in the eye in the first half.  Batum left the game to go to a local hospital for examination during halftime, but will need to get looked at again in three days.

Batum was seeing double out of that eye, so it is possible that he may miss a game or two just for the sake of being cautious.

Thanks McGrady, our boy was just starting to catch fire. I kid.

2. Clutch Shots

The shooting percentages coming from the guards just isn’t cutting it.

Again that was where most of the missed shots came from against the Hawks. The trio of Raymond Felton, Wesley Matthews and Jamal Crawford, who went just 13-for-44 in the game, dropped the shooting percentage for the team to just 38 percent on the night.

If the Blazers can continue where they left off in this one, there might just be l two wins waiting  in Toronto and Detroit.

That might get the team feeling better again.

All in all, the team’s performance against the Hawks wasn’t that bad,  and far better than the losses against San Antonio and Houston.


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