PreSeason Shocker! Blazers to Use Amnesty Clause on Brandon Roy?

Don’t Do It!

The Trailblazers Brandon Roy and his gimpy knees may not see any more court time in Portland and there are reports that the team will use their Amnesty Clause on him.


No final decision has been made, but according to the Oregonian on Monday,

“Brandon’s out, a league executive told me Monday. Don’t know the exact details, but everyone around the league knows it’s way, way done. Paul and Bert (Kolde) are calling the shots on this one.”

The new amnesty clause is a one-time opportunity for teams to remove their worst contracts from the books and it also takes the contract off their salary cap number as well. Roy was once one of the best players in the league and his future looked bright until his knees went south on him.

Last season he only suited up for 47 games and averaged 12.2 ppg.

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Would they really keep Oden over Roy? WOW

I think this would be a good idea to use the clause on him since he makes $15 mil per season.

However, while he struggled last season with his knee injures he looked like the Roy of old in Game 4 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals against the Mavericks when he came off the bench and exploded for 24 points to win the game, almost, by himself.

Still, is the risk too much, especially since he makes so much coin?

With the upcoming shortened season there will be more back-to-back games and that is not good for any player with lingering injuries.

Still, Roy has been a great player for Portland and a solid guy in the Trailblazers community and has made the All Star team 3 times.

The sad thing is it looks as if the club will use the clause sooner rather than later and now even check out to see how Roy plays in training camp.

Yeah, the NBA is a business, everyone knows that more so nowadays with this lockout situation, but pulling the plug on a dynamic scorer and team player may ruffle some feathers in Portland.

It is interesting that the Blazers may not even check out how Roy’s knees are doing before letting him go and they still may likely sign Greg Oden to a deal even though he has spent most of his Blazers’ career in street clothes with knee issues of his own.

What the heck is in the water in Oregon these days?

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