Locked, but loaded: The Timbers Army visits hostile territory

Despite the result I enjoyed…

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1. “When you hear the noise of the Timbers Army boys, we’ll be coming down the road!”

The Timbers Army is a tough bunch to love from the outside. Seattle especially does not enjoy the intrusion that is the crazed fan base of the Portland Timbers. Due to safety concerns, Century Link security takes the Army from behind Safeco Field and into the back of the CLink to attempt a safe entrance.

The Army sets off on foot—a distance of about a quarter mile—singing the song “We’ll be coming”. It was an absolute delight to sing and march as Sounders fans watched from afar the beautiful singing of 1500 fans arriving for the match.

2. Arriving to the game an hour before the ECS

This was not a game for victories from the Portland Timbers, so smaller victories have to be mentioned. No one was allowed in the stadium until an hour and a half before the match. Like Jeld-Wen Field in Portland, the Emerald City Supporters sit first come first serve.

While the Timbers Army had arrived and were seated (standing) minutes after being let in, the ECS had the first three rows filled, and it took a long time to fill their section.

Advantage: Army.

3. Doing the National Anthem a great service

Dr. Stephen Newby, a professor at Seattle Pacific University (my alma matter), leads the crowd in the National Anthem before every home game. His leadership is as devoted as his voice is beautiful. Newby tries to get the crowd to sing with him every game. I can proudly say that his goal was finally achieved as the TA sang with all our might, teaching Seattle how to truly honor America.

4. The game sucked, but the Army stood strong

Timbers Army vs. Seattle

The Timbers Army did their part during Portland’s matchup with the Seattle Sounders. Photo Credit: Portlandtimbers.com

Losing is one thing, but being beaten down by your most bitter rival is a difficult pill to swallow. Yet, the Army kept tradition, and no one left early.

In the 80th minute, the Army sang, “You are my sunshine,” and in minute 85, the sound of “Can’t help falling in love,” could be heard from the corner of the stadium.

No matter how poor the product, the Army will always be there. A comforting song to help bandage the wounds.

5.  Groupon Sellout

In order for the Sounders to sell out Century Link, they had to offer Groupons to get all of their tickets out. This led to many chants of “Group-on Sell-out” chants from the Army, or “Group-on Fan-base”. This was truly a delight, because it was probably the only disappointing part of the night for Seattle fans.

I would quickly like to say that the Sounders have an incredible player on their team that I was impressed with and will have my respect. Something that is not said by many Timbers fans ever about a Seattle player. Midfielder Christian Tiffert was a mid-season acquisition for the Sounders and has only played 9 games with the club, but he understood the rivalry.

In his first game with the team against Portland, Christian Tiffert came to play. His aggressive style was one thing, but his respect for this specific game was good to see. He was subbed out late in the game last night. Instead of walking off the pitch to take up time (a standard for a team up 3 goals no matter the opponent), Tiffert ran off the pitch so the game could resume. I tip my cap to you sir.

Now, the important thing, if the Timbers can muster up a victory in BC Place against the Vancouver Whitecaps October 21, the Cascadia Cup will finish in Portland. If the Timbers draw or lose, the Cup stays in Seattle.

Build a bonfire Portland Timbers, and give the Army one last thing to sing for this season.



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