*My* reasons the Vancouver Whitecaps make the MLS playoffs in 2012

NWSB Newcomer and Vancouver Whitecaps blogger Alistair Corp tells us his thoughts on the MLS Soccer team’s second year chances of making the playoffs in MLS. No longer is the team giving up the ball carelessly, and on the rare occurrence they do, they’re still in great position to win it back. Offense is clicking due in large part is the additions of superstar Sebastien Le Toux and second overall pick Darren Mattocks.

Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Columbus Crew highlights + game recap

Did you miss the Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Columbus Crew matchup? NWSB Insider and Whitecaps blogger C-Mac tells us that Y.P. Lee caught the Crew’s goaltender offguard while his goaltender, Joe Cannon, was solid yet again. The defense’s early struggles continued, but they got it together and took the game.

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