Reasons I bet on the Mariners to win the AL West in 2012

NWSB insider Jason Green gives us his reasons why he put money down on the 2012 Seattle Mariners to win the World Series. The team’s pitching is solid behind Felix Hernandez and they have no expectations after the rough years of recent past. with Ichiro Suzuki and Jesus Montero out with something to prove, this team could prove a lot of people wrong.

Five Irrational thoughts & predictions for the 2012 Seattle Mariners

NWSB Seattle Mariners insider Danny Ferguson thinks the Mariners will win the 2012 World Series. Stay tuned for this and more 2012 major league baseball irrational analysis and predictions for the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Danny Hultzen will win the AL rookie of the year award. Mike Carp will break Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak.
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