The Seattle Seahawks Free Agent To Do List

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, breaks down the Seahawks free agents and identifies his keepers– Obviously you can’t re-sign all of these guys for $26 million and we know the Seahawks will probably make at least a few cuts to free up more space but allow me to speculate on who I would retain from this list. My re-signees would be…

Seahawks Stun Cards To Wrap Up The Regular Season

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, reviews the Seahawks stunning win over the Cardinals in Glendale Sunday– Face it folks, Russell Wilson is the real deal. He’s on his way to the playoffs for the fourth time in his career and quite possibly, the Super Bowl for the third time in his career. 10 years from now we’ll have to debate whether or not he’s better than Peyton Manning.

Your Seattle Seahawks Have Free Agent Decisions To Make

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider Brian Scott breaks down the Seattle Seahawks impending free agents– Maxwell is gone. He’s already said that he wants to see what’s out there in free agency. He’ll be the most sought after corner on the market and the Seahawks aren’t going to be able to keep him for financial reasons.

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