Are the Blazers too un-sexy for NBA fans?

NWSB Blogger and Portland Trail Blazers insider Steve Lee asks the question today…. Are LaMarcus Aldridge, Chris Kaman, Damian Lillard, Nic Batum and Robin Lopez to un-sexy for the NBA? Steve says the Trail Blazers are more of that girl next door type of sexy, rather than the smoking hot chick at the club type deal.

Which Portland Trail Blazers prospect has the highest upside entering 2014-15 NBA season?

NWSB Editor and Portland Trail Blazers Blogger Bryant Knox looks at Rip City’s roster in an attempt to identify the player with the highest upside. Guys such as LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard are disqualified for having already “made it,” but Meyers Leonard, CJ McCollum, Thomas Robinson and Will Barton are in the running.

The Trail Blazers Bench

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers Blogger gives us a preview of the bench in Rip City entering the 2014-15 NBA season and training camp. Featured are: Thomas Robinson, CJ McCollum, Dorell Wright, Steve Blake and Chris Kaman.

Portland Trail Blazers X-factor in 2014-15 NBA season

NWSB Editor and Portland Trail Blazers Blogger Bryant Knox takes a look at Rip City’s roster entering the 2014-15 NBA season and chooses an x-factor for the upcoming campaign. While Thomas Robinson is an option, CJ McCollum earns the nod. When players such as Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge go to the bench, scoring is in trouble…That is, unless McCollum can provide the shooting he did in college.

2014 NBA draft: No picks, no problem for Portland Trail Blazers

NWSB Editor and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Bryant Knox tells us why having no picks in the 2014 NBA draft is no problem for Rip City. With LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard leading the way, PDX needs help off the bench. With guys such as Thomas Robinson, Meyers Leonard, Joel Freeland and Will Barton already in the second unit, that help must come from free agency, the draft or internal growth.

Weekly Portland Trail Blazers video highlights and analysis – Week 18

NWSB Editor Bryant Knox brings us his weekly video recap of the Portland Trail Blazers. In Week 18, the team from the Pacific Northwest went 3-0, defeating the Brooklyn Nets and Denver Nuggets (twice). LaMarcus Aldridge missed the first two games of the week, but he returned with Meyers Leonard on Saturday vs. the Nugs. Will Barton had a huge week with injuries allowing him more minutes.

Weekly Portland Trail Blazers player spotlight – Week 18

NWSB Editor Bryant Knox recaps the previous week’s featured player for the Portland Trail Blazers. In Week 18, honors go to Will Barton, as we recognize his achievements in the absence of LaMarcus Aldridge, Meyers Leonard and Joel Freeland. His biggest showing came against Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets.

Portland Trail Blazers: What to expect during Week 2 of the 2013 preseason

NWSB Editor Bryant Knox gives us a few things to watch out for entering the Portland Trail Blazers’ second week of the 2013 NBA preseason. Despite seeing players like LaMarcus Aldridge and Mo Williams return from injury, expect Nicolas Batum (and CJ McCollum with a broken foot) to miss time. Allen Crabbe, Will Barton and Victor Claver will earn time in his place. When it comes to Damian Lillard, look for a solid defensive outing. Offensively, the team must commit fewer turnovers.

Cracking the Lineup – Portland Trailblazers 2013-14

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers Blogger Steve Lee breaks down which players may not be in Rip City for the 2013-14 NBA season. Will Barton, Terrel Harris, Joel Freeland, LaMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews make the list. Players such as Thomas Robinson, Robin Lopez, Allen Crabbe and CJ McCollum will have a huge influence on the aforementioned players’ Portland tenure.

Takeaways from the Portland Trail Blazers Las Vegas summer league

NWSB Editor Bryant Knox recaps the Portland Trail Blazers Las Vegas Summer League and gives us his takeaways from the team’s showing. Meyers Leonard tried to show he can shoot the three-pointer; relatively unsuccessfully. Thomas Robinson is an energy guy who can rebound. CJ McCollum can score; however, he needs to facilitate more. It’s also fair to wonder if Allen Crabbe was actually a steal in the draft or not.

NBA Predictions: Portland’s opening night roster

NWSB insider and Blazers blogger Jon Irwin breaks down his take on four players with a tough road to making Portland’s opening night roster. The Blazer’s have taken on a lot of talent this offseason, which leaves plenty of names to shave before fall. Topping Jon’s list are names like Wesley Matthews and Thomas Robinson.

Portland Trail Blazers: 5 Questions entering Las Vegas summer league

NWSB Editor Bryant Knox previews the Portland Trail Blazers’ Las Vegas summer league tournament with five questions. Knox wonders if the second-year players, such as Meyers Leonard, Will Barton, Joel Freeland and Victor Claver have improved. He also wonders what Damian Lillard’s role will be, and whether CJ McCollum can run an offense. Finally, he asks who will make the final roster and if Allen Crabbe and Thomas Robinson are ready to compete.
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