Rogers Arena atmosphere during Canucks games is pathetic!

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks hockey blogger Josh Hall weighs in today on a topic that is quickly surfacing as a hot button issue. It’s been just over a month since a couple Vancouver Southsiders fans were kicked out of a Canucks game for allegedly causing some, “sightline issues for other fans,” and for standing. We should applaud them says Josh. He says Canucks fans are NOT the best fans in the league! How about some of the most idiotic and ignorant fans in the league?

Five damn good reasons to see a Vancouver Whitecaps game *LIVE*

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Blogger C-Mac is back with his five damn good reasons to take in a Vancouver Whitecaps MLS game personally the next time you are in Vancouver BC. BC Place is a truly inspiring place for the fans. For fans used to mundane cheering at BC Lions and Vancouver Canucks games, the element of songs to celebrate players and events provides a twist to fan participation.

Canadian Women’s CONCACAF Finals and the Vancouver Whitecaps

Women`s soccer has exploded over the past few years with the addition of extra teams in amateur leagues across the continent to accommodate more interested players. Canada`s lofty world ranking has maintained interest in the sport and with the large numbers of female fans in attendance this week at the CONCACAF Olympics qualifier, it is time for the Vancouver Whitecaps to promote their women’s team.

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