Portland Timbers: What went wrong in Seattle?

Portland fell victim to the Seattle Sounders on Sunday night in front of 66,000+ at CenturyLink Field, walking away without the Cascadia Cup. (Photo: Portlandtimbers.com)

NWSB Editor and Writer Chris Anderson talks about the Timbers’ loss to the Sounders on Sunday night. Greeted by over 66,000 ravenous fans at CenturyLink Field, the Timbers failed to convert any of their opportunities as they lost to Seattle by a score of 3-0.

Seattle vs. St. Louis Rams: The aftermath, what went wrong?

Alan Branch

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Alistair Corp tells us to him the following things went wrong for the Hawks on Sunday versus the St. Louis Rams. Last week: Chris Clemons? 4 sacks. Bruce Irvin? 2 sacks. Brandon Mebane? 2 sacks. Exciting prospect that a legitimate pass rush might join an elite secondary. Not so fast! Jason Jones and Alan Branch were the guys that got to Sam Bradford this week.

Oregon vs. WSU Cougars: The aftermath, what went wrong?

Ducks vs. Cougars

NWSB Insider and Washington State Cougars blogger Jordin Ereth gives us his take in his weekly What Went Wrong post following the BIG loss by the Cougs to the Ducks from Seattle on Saturday night. The Ducks came away with a 51-26 victory over the Cougars, and nobody batted an eyelash at the outcome. Marquess Wilson – who had a solid 12 receptions for 182 yards and a touchdown – still had some key drops to join in the blame game.

What went wrong? Week 1 Seahawks vs. Cardinals

Leon Washington

No Game Balls Today! Seven, count ’em seven plays inside the red zone in the final minute for the Seahawks.  That is what went wrong. Correction; that is what went wrong in a nutshell. My unfortunate job is to crack open that nutshell, and breakdown the hurt and disappointment inside.  Why not get started! Offensive Woes […]

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