Utah Utes vs. Beavers: Love ’em & hate ’em style

NWSB Insider and Oregon State Beavers football blogger Jon Irwin breaks down the Utah vs. OSU week 8 matchup. The defense saves the day, as OSU forces turnover after turnover, moving to 6-0 on the season. Meanwhile, the offense struggled everywhere, from quarterback Cody Vaz to the offensive line. ST’s mention. While the defense won the game, it would have been a lot harder without Keith Kostol.

Week 8 College football preview: Utah vs. Oregon St. Matchup

NWSB Insider and Oregon State blogger Jonathan Irwin reports on this week’s football matchup against the Utah Utes in NCAA football week 8 action. Both teams’ quarterbacks are coming off their first career starts. Cody Vaz for the Beavers, and true freshman Travis Wilson for the Utes. Look for Jordan Poyer and Rashaad Reynolds to have no problems shutting the Utes WR’s down.

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