RiP City impressions: Rookie PG Damian Lillard

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about Damian Lillard’s performance through the early party of 2012. The young point guard from Weber State has been impressive so far as he has shown all it takes to be a standout point guard at the NBA level. Through four games, Lillard has played an average of 37 minutes, shot just over 40% from the field, made roughly 94% of his free throws, and scored 19.3 points per game.

Trail Blazers must make J.J. Hickson sixth man moving forward

NWSB Writer Bryant Knox explains why the Portland Trail Blazers would be better of bringing J.J. Hickson off the bench this season. The Blazers bench is averaging just 12.8 points per game, which is hands-down the worst in the entire NBA. Meyers Leonard may not be ready to take the starting center role, but Hickson would be a far better leader off the bench at this point in the 2012-13 season.

Blazers vs. Mavericks: NBA love ’em & hate ’em breakdown

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Jon Irwin breaks down the Blazers vs. Mavericks matchup. The Headline: The Blazers can’t do anything to stop O.J. Mayo, as they fall to the Mavs 114-91. L.A. and Matthews really came alive on defense, and the team played great on the boards. But ugly ball control—and an inability to defend the perimeter—led to this big loss.

Blazers vs. Thunder: NBA love ’em & hate ’em breakdown

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Jon Irwin breaks down the Blazers vs. Thunder matchup. The Headline: Despite doing everything else right, the Blazers can’t make their shots, landing their first loss of the season. Damian Lillard becomes just the third NBA rookie to get 20 points and 7 assists in his first two games. But not even that can erase the disappointing play from Batum and the bench.

Lakers vs. Blazers: NBA love ’em & hate ’em breakdown

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Jon Irwin breaks down the Lakers vs. Blazers matchup on opening night. Damian Lillard made his official NBA debut on Wednesday night The starters came up big, with Lillard and Nicolas Batum receiving praise for their play. However, in part to a stale game plan, the Blazers let L.A. get too close in the fourth quarter. And what’s with Steve Nash’s new ‘do?!

Portland Trail Blazers: Bench roster, strengths & weaknesses

NWSB Writer Bryant Knox talks about the strengths and weaknesses of Portland’s bench heading into the 2012/2013 NBA season. Heading into the new year, the Blazers are going to be one of the youngest teams in the league from the starting lineup to the 12th man, which should create for a number of ups and downs throughout the 2012-13 season. How will J.J. Hickson, Adam Morrison, Joel Freeland do in 2012?

One team’s trash could be the Trail Blazers treasure

NWSB basketball insider and Trail Blazers blogger Steve Lee tells us At the very least, these players could help bridge the transition gap of a once promising lineup as the future Blazers learn the NBA ropes. With the Portland Trail Blazers in full rebuilding mode Leandro Barbosa, Derek Fisher, Michael Redd, Kenyon Martin are all possible players the could bolster the RIP city roster for opening day.

Should the Portland Trail Blazers trade LaMarcus Aldridge?

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Bryant Knox is back today to weigh in on the two options the Blazers have with LaMarcus Aldridge. Of course the best case scenario would be building around him and winning the NBA title, but this is reality, not fairytale land. They either trade him and recoup what they can, or they can wait it out and hope for the best. Either way it will be a challenge for the fans.

PDX hoops fans relax and get comfortable with the Terry Stotts hiring

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers writer Rick Stella tells us the five reasons why its ok for RIP city hoops faithful to get comfortable with the Terry Stotts hiring. For starters the early criticism of the Terry Stotts hire was the players’ desire to retain Canales as the head coach. They flat out like the guy. Wesley Matthews, and LaMarcus Aldridge were fond of him and instantly taken aback by the hiring of Stotts. It’s all good now.

Trail Blazers: Best, worst-Case scenarios and realistic predictions for 2012/13

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Bryant Knox weighs in with his predictions for the 2012 PDX Blazers. Without sounding too cliché, the most realistic prediction has to come somewhere in-between the best and worst-case scenarios. He says Meyers Leonard and Nicolas Batum could also be pleasant surprises in Rip City next season.

NBA announces 2012/13 Portland Trailblazers complete season schedule

NWSB Managing editor and Portland Trail Blazers writer “Q” tells us the complete Blazers team schedule and 2012 Matchups. The NBA Season is over, the awards have been given out, the NBA draft is behind us too. Does the NBA season really stop? The Trail Blazers tip-off their 43rd NBA season by hosting the Steve Nash & Kobe Bryant led Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday, Oct. 31. LaMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews get ready.

What Nicolas Batum must do now that he has his big-time contract

NWSB Insider Bryant Knox outlines what Nicolas Batum must do now that he’s signed his big money contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. He says he must become a reliable No. 2 scoring option behind LaMarcus Aldridge. He says if Batum wants to become an integral part of the Blazers’ success, he’ll have to stay aggressive on both ends of the floor. Neil Olshey believes that Batum will absolutely live up to this contract.

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