The Fab 5 who made the Seahawks Superbowl Champions

NWSB Seattle Seahawks insider Brian Scott weighs in post game on Super Bowl XLVIII from Met Life stadium in New Jersey. Statistically, it might not leap off the page at you like Peyton Manning number’s sometimes do (not tonight though) but Russell Wilson had an amazing night. The MVP was Malcolm Smith. Yes, credit the errant throw to Cliff Avril but Malcolm Smith was the one who plucked it from the heavens.

Seattle Seahawks in the 2012 Super Bowl?

Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder and NWSB insider Brett Bivens tells us he just felt the need to write this blog post because enquiring minds might want to know. As an added bonus, mentioning the Super Bowl & Seattle Seahawks in the same article without the word D-E-T-R-O-I-T is kind of sweet too. Ex-Seahawks on the New York Giants World Championship Super Bowl XLVI team.

2013 Super Bowl Betting: Seattle Seahawks Futures Odds

NWSB Managing editor and Northwest NFL football blogger “Q” tells us the Seattle Seahawksrs 2013 Super Bowl Odds, the NFC Conference odds, and provides NFC West betting futures lines from Bovada sportsbook for all NFL teams in 2012/13. The Seahawks 60:1 odds are pretty fair. Tarvaris Jackson must be replaced as he is not going to take Seattle to a Super bowl.

Reasons To Watch Super Bowl XLVI

NWSB insider Brett Bivens brings Seahawks fans a reason to watch the Super Bowl this weekend. The Patriots feature 2 players in BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Gary Guyton that could look good in the blue and green.

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