Remembering Alain Vigneault’s time with the Vancouver Canucks

NWSB Vancouver Canucks insider Josh Hall looks back on Wednesday’s Mike Gillis press conference and tells some tales of now fired Alain Vigneault. Josh points out the stars and planets may never align quite like that again for the Vancouver Canucks or Alain Vigneault but looking back on that moment 50 years from now and everyone will remember where they were vs. Chicago in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Thanks to AV and Alex Burrows.

Alain Vigneault’s Contract Extension is a very good thing for Canucks!

Vancouver Canucks Insider Josh Hall lays the smackdown on why Alain Vigneault’s contract extension is a very good thing for this organization. The trickle down affect could mean new life for Roberto Luongo and Ryan Kesler, but really, why would we ever want this guy to leave anyways? He’s a proven winner. The best Coach the Canucks have ever had. Proove me wrong. Leave a comment.

Northwest Athlete Profile: Stan Smyl

NWSB Insider Dave B brings us another profile featuring a former athlete from the Northwest. Stan Smyl was born in Glandon, Alberta in 1958. He went on to have great success prior to his NHL career and as all Vancouver Canucks fans know, he continued that trend right here in VanCity.

Game 42 (PART 1): “Canucks Conversations Josh & Kev Talk Lu & Schnu”

It’s always fun when our two insiders sit down for a chat. Two of our Vancouver Canucks bloggers here at NWSB Josh (@vancan19) and Kevin (@flyingVhockey) sat down at their keyboards and discussed who should start in net for the Canucks versus Boston on Saturday. Don’t you even dare say this was scripted. Who starts in net? Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider?

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