Which unit stood out in Seahawks’ triumph over Jacksonville?

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Jordin Ereth details the Seattle unit that was most impressive in their week 3 triumph over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Marshawn Lynch was surprisingly stopped for much of the contest, which meant it became Russell Wilson’s show. Once the game was in hand, Pete Carroll called off the dogs and inserted Tarvaris Jackson and Christine Michael. The routing continued, and the quarterbacks played extremely well the entire way through.

Seahawks fantasy forecast – Week 3 NFL predictions

NWSB Fantasy Football Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Dave B delivers to us his Week 3 NFL fantasy football forecast for the Seahawks vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game. Dave says that Marshawn Lynch will be the go to guy this weekend and thinks he will net 120 yards on the ground. If, for some reason Pete Carroll wants to run up the score against his old friend, Lynch could go for a lot more. Dave expects Lynch to have a short day on the field though. Other notables include Wilson who probably won’t need his arm too much, but the Hawks D is a must for all fantasy owners.

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