Touchdown Seahawks! Marshawn Lynch takes it 77 yards!

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Alistair Corp breaks down Marshawn Lynch’s play of the game against the Detroit Lions in week 8. The Seahawks lined up in their ’22’ formation with two Tight End’s and two Running Back’s. The players in this package were Anthony McCoy, Zach Miller, Michael Robinson and, of course, Russell Wilson under center. Lynch caught the pitch and took it 77 yards to the house.

Moments in time…The Seattle Seahawks week that was

Seattle Seahawks blogger Clinton Bell weighs in with another instalment of the Seahawks Week That Was. Intended to be a fun column, with lots of laughs and other good stuff. Normally it will be a top 10 list, a la David Letterman style. Once again the hawks dropped a close one late in the game, this time with a mere 20 seconds remaining on the clock. Marshawn Lynch & Zach Miller had decent showings. Which was nice. Seahawks are home next week against the Vikings.

Seahawks who impressed against the Lions on Sunday

NWSB Writer Brett Bivens talks about five standout players from the Seattle Seahawks game against the Detroit Lions. Russell Wilson, Jeremy Lane, Golden Tate, Earl Thomas, and Zach Miller all made the list. Zach Miller finally scored a touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks, a ball in which he first dove for, and then tipped to himself for the catch. It was Miller’s first touchdown as a Seahawk.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions prediction & Week 8 preview

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Clinton Bell tells us about the eighth game of the season for the Seahawks, a Sunday morning matchup with the Detroit Lions. Clinton is predicting a rare road win for the Seahawks on Sunday, saying that it’s not the Seahawks style to lose back to back games. This all depends on how good the Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the offense can be, and if the defense can keep them out of a shoot out style passing game.

What I’m watching for Sunday in the Seahawks vs. Lions match up

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Jordin Ereth brings us up to speed on the storylines he’s watching Sunday when the Hawks travel to Detroit, to take on Matt Stafford and the Lions. With Richard Sherman already taking smack, it’s up to the offense to back him up. Time for Russell Wilson to prove he can win on the road.

Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions Week 8 gambling odds & handicapping

Free NFL Betting Odds & Picks for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Detroit Lions week 8 matchup. The Seahawks are a 1 point road underdog. The over/under is 43.5. Dave says Hawks fans know that this team has been a bit Jekyll and Hyde so far this season. It is difficult to predict which offense will show up. Matt Stafford appears to be a shell of his 2011 self. Russell Wilson passed for just 122 yards on 9 of 23 passing last week.

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