Question marks surrounding the Seahawks 2013 training camp

NWSB Editor and Insider gives you three question marks surrounding the Seattle Seahawks before they head into training camp next week. Questions surrounding the backup quarterback battle Tarvaris Jackson vs. Brady Quinn, and production at wide receiver including Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Percy Harvin. Plus the health of the d-line all have Chris potentially worried about the start of 2013. He assures Hawk fans not to fear, however…

*My* Win-loss predictions for the 2013 Seahawks (Games 13-16)

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson gives you his predictions for the final four games of Seattle’s 2013 season. Looking ahead Seattle will undoubtedly be a playoff team for him, with these last four games determining their seeding and whether or not they will secure a bye. Here’s how Chris thinks their last four games will play out. Chris does see Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and the Seahawks taking home the NFC West crown

*My* Win-loss predictions for the 2013 Seahawks (Games 9-12)

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson continues predicting the way Seattle’s 2013 season will play out. At this point in the season, entering game nine, Chris expects Seattle to have found their identity on both offense and defense. They should be cruising on offense and figuring out their best defensive front with Bruce Irvin in the mix. They’ll have some tough tasks ahead, however, with the Falcons and Saints on the schedule.

*My* Win-loss predictions for Seattle’s first quarter of the season

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson gives you his opinion on the first four games on Seattle’s schedule in 2013. While all four are undoubtedly tough matchups for Seattle, Chris predicts that Seattle will go 3-1 over the time span, especially with two back-to-back home games in the mix. He predicts their first loss will come in their fourth game of the season against the Houston Texans, who they play on the road.

*My* Win-loss predictions for the Seahawks 2013 season

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Jonas Hyde gives you his two cents on how he thinks the Seahawks will do in the upcoming year. Airing on the side of caution and attempting to bring Seattle fans down from the clouds, Jonas points out the parody in the NFL and how things never go as expected, predicting that the Seahawks will struggle in 2013 and go a mediocre 7-9. Let’s just hope, as he mentions, his predictions are wrong.

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