My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Clinton Bell tells us to him the best “MY oh MY” play of the tenth week of the year had to be the grand slam by Kyle Seager to tie up the ball game in the bottom of the 14th inning against the Chicago White Sox. After 13 innings of scoreless baseball, the flood gates were opened wide in the 14th. The Sox scored 5 in the top of the inning, only for the Mariners to come back in the most dramatic fashion with Kyle Seager hitting the Salami to tie it.

Breaking down the Mariners’ struggles with the AL Central

NWSB Editor and Insider explores the assumption that the Mariners have performed terribly against the AL Central in recent years. While there is some validity to that assumption, when you really look at the numbers from past seasons and this year, it’s not so much that they have been out of the games but that they have rather had a bit of “tough luck” in close games and against the Chicago White Sox.

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