Is Brandon League the answer as closer for the Mariners in 2012?

Mariners insider Danny Ferguson brings us another great read on the state of the Seattle Mariners. Will Seattle’s closer last season, Brandon League, continue on his impressive 2011 campaign? After posting the shockingly 6th highest number of saves in the American League, will he continue to surprise the Mariners and their fans?

Hey Jack Z? Who’s on first? Ackley’s on second. I don’t know is on third

Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson believe we should get over the fact that this isn’t 2001 anymore, the rebuilding is actually happening and isn’t just the lip service that we have grown accustomed to and enjoy watching baseball in the northwest. Check out this actual made up conversation between Eric Wedge and Jack Zduriencik:

AL West Celebrity Death Match: Pujols vs. Hernandez

Danny Ferguson provides some offeason comedic relief in this witty Celebrity Death Matchup between The Machine and The King. The A.L. West is primed to be a battle field and in the third week of May the Mariners will call upon their champion, Felix Hernandez to face Albert Pujols. Strike three. Felix Wins. If only he would pitch again the next night.

Think Positive: Jesus Montero brings a TON to the Mariners

NWSB insider Brandon Choate brings us a good read in the wake of a big trade by the Seattle Mariners. In acquiring catcher Jesus Montero from the Yankees, the Mariners can count on Montero’s youth, his bat and his potential to lure in free agents. Yes Seattle will miss Michael Pineda, but they’ll like Montero’s bat much more.

Mariners: Milton Bradley’s wife alleges that he threatened to kill her

Matt weighs in with another post on ex-Seattle Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley. The hothead is in the news again. Bradley’s wife, Monique, field a restraining order against Milton after a heated argument on September 27. She said that Milton also threatened to kill her last January, oh my…
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