Seahawks MMQB: 2013 NFC West Champions!

It wasn't much easier for the Rams' passing game.

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Brett Bivens once again brings you Monday Morning Quarterback! Breaking down yesterday’s win over the St. Louis Rams. Brett says offensively Golden Tate stole the show with his 8 receptions for 129 yards and a touchdown. Typically Russell Wilson spreads the ball around pretty evenly but on Sunday Tate accounted for 39% of Wilson’s passing attempts. The D was just HUGE. Earl Thomas & Bobby Wagner were special.

Week 17 Endgame: Blueprint for victory – Rams vs. Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens will weigh in each week with his blueprint for a Seahawks win. This week the team has a matchup against the St. Louis Rams. Brett says the 12th man needs to show up big this week. The other important factor is that Pete Carroll’s squad plays disciplined football.

Seahawks vs. Rams – Week 8 “game balls”

Tate might want to think twice about Taunting Chancellor (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson presents the offensive, defense, and special teams game balls from Seattle’s 14-9, sloppy win over the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football. With the offensive really unable to get anything going, Golden Tate stepped up and accounted for both of Seattle’s touchdowns. Defensively the Seahawks were once again spectacular but it was Earl Thomas who really pushed the envelope, and Jon Ryan complimented the special teams game…

ICYMI Seahawks vs. Rams – Sloppy in St. Louis

Seattle St. Louis

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about Seattle’s sloppy and narrow victory over the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football. Heading into St. Louis as 13-point favorites, the Hawks and their depleted offensive line couldn’t get anything going but still managed to rack up just enough points to slip past an ailing Rams team. It was an ugly win, but the Seahawks will take it. Golden Tate, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Paul McQuistan are front and center.

Seahawks TMQB (MMQB): Was Bevell drunk?

Bevell...please do not forget about this man EVER again.

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Brett Bivens once again brings you (Tuesday) Monday Morning Quarterback! Breaking down yesterday’s Hawks vs. Rams game. Brett points out Richard Sherman continued his season long pattern of going a game without an interception and following it up with a pick the next week. Another positive. Bruce Irvin got his first career interception and played great. Brett’s not sure what pub Darrell Bevell was at pre-game however. Brutal playcalling.

Week 8 Endgame: The blueprint for victory – Seahawks vs. Rams

ESPN's Monday Night Football logo

Keys to a Seahawks victory This is one of those Seahawks games that scare me.  The Rams have lost starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL and must start backup Kellen Clemens.   Clemens will be starting for the 13th time in his 9-year career. Heading into Monday night’s […]

Seattle Seahawks three key match-ups vs. St. Louis Rams on MNF


NWSB Insider & Seattle Seahawks blogger JD Burke takes a look at some of the match-ups, personnel and otherwise, that will dictate the outcome of Seattle’s game against the St. Louis Rams in the spotlight on Monday. Both clubs are banged up, but the Rams are clearly on the worse end of things with that regard. The battle of the trenches is looked at in depth, as is the likelihood that Michael Bowie will hold his own against Robert Quinn.

Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams Week 8 gambling odds & handicapping

Percy Harvin, Pete Carroll, John Schneider

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Dave B previews Seattle’s Week 8 Monday Night Football matchup from St. Louis MO. He gives you his prediction on where your bets should be put. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Rams lose every one of their remaining games this year – they are that bad Dave says. Seattle’s receivers have all contributed at various times of the season – Doug Baldwin, Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Jermaine Kearse could see Percy Harvin join them this week too.

Seahawks fantasy forecast – Week 8 NFL predictions

Rice had a TD last week and I think he gets another this week.

NWSB Fantasy Football Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Dave B delivers to us his Week 8 NFL fantasy football forecast for the Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams matchup on Monday night football. Dave says that Russell Wilson once again proved difficult to pin down in the world of Fantasy last week when he went off for 235 yards and three touchdowns. He also points out of course Marshawn Lynch is an elite Fantasy option this week – he should be able to eat up a weak Rams defense

Seahawks vs. St Louis Rams: Things to love & hate from Sunday

Russell Wilson & Pete Carroll

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brandon Choate brings us his week 4 love em & hate em for the game against the Rams. The Seahawks blew a big opportunity in this game, by allowing poor play calling and poor performance kill their production. Russell Wilson’s 3 interceptions should not be pinned on him while Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin kept the game close with their physical running style and 160+ yards on the ground.

Seattle vs. St. Louis Rams: The aftermath, what went wrong?

Alan Branch

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Alistair Corp tells us to him the following things went wrong for the Hawks on Sunday versus the St. Louis Rams. Last week: Chris Clemons? 4 sacks. Bruce Irvin? 2 sacks. Brandon Mebane? 2 sacks. Exciting prospect that a legitimate pass rush might join an elite secondary. Not so fast! Jason Jones and Alan Branch were the guys that got to Sam Bradford this week.

Seahawks MMQB: Miscues and missed opportunities as Seahawks lose 19-13

K.J. Wright

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens breaks down the week 4 matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams in his Seahawks Monday morning quarterback. The Seahawks lost to the Rams 19-13. Brett points out the Seahawks receivers are not giving Russell Wilson a lot of help. Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate were invisible. Tom Cable, Darrell Bevell and Pete Carroll need to shake things up.
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