Moments In Time: Seattle Seahawks vs. Cardinals 2002

Moments in Time: Seattle stuck it to Marcel Shipp and Arizona all game long

Seattle Seahawks nostalgia in this weeks Moments In Time. In 2002, the 4the Seahawks traveled to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in the 2002 NFL season. Seattle avenged their previous loss in the season to Arizona over a dominant first half performance from Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck good enough to last through the rest of the game.

Moments In Time: Seattle Seahawks vs. 49ers 2010

The term franchise QB is thrown around all too often.

Seattle Seahawks nostalgia in this weeks Moments In Time. In 2010, the 49ers came to Qwest Field to play the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 of the season. Pete Carroll is named the new head coach after letting Jim L. Mora go after just 1 season. Mike Williams had 4 catches for 64 yards and John Carlson had 3 grabs for 36 yards. Just Forsett had a big game.

Moments in Time: Seattle Seahawks vs. Bears 2007 Playoffs

Seahawks got to Grossman 3 times in the 2007 playoff game

Seattle Seahawks nostalgia in this weeks Moments In Time. In 2007, the Seattle Seahawks headed to Soldier Field in Chicago to take on the Bears in the divisional round of the 2007 NFL Playoffs. The game was back and forth as Shaun Alexander rushed for 2 touchdowns and Nate Burleson caught one, but Bears kicker Robbie Gould had the ultimate say in the game.

Five Moments in Seattle Seahawks History We’re NOT Thankful For…

Kelly Jennings

Seahawks insider Brandon Choate brings us a Thanksgiving list that everyone will wish they could forget. He brings us the top 5 moments in Seahawks history that we are NOT thankful for. Bad owners, losing teams, and bad players all make this list. Can you guess who makes the cut? Brian Bosworth, Aaron Curry, Lawrence Jackson, Ken Behring, Marcus Tubbs and more…

Quick as a Hawk – 10 Fastest Seattle Seahawks Players Ever

Good luck catching this guy!

NWSB insider Brandon Choate brings us a fun list with lots of nostalgia. The 10 fastest players in Seattle Seahawks history have been named in today’s list. From a guy named “Burner” to a guy named Earl, he covers the spectrum of blazing fast Hawks. Earl Thomas, Michael Bates, Joey Galloway, Shawn Springs make the list.

Seattle Seahawks Moments In Time: Brian Bosworth (Flop!)

Bosworth's hair was as offensive as his big mouth

Seahawks insider Brandon Choate brings us the story of ex-Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth who turned out to be not only one of the biggest busts in Seahawks history, but NFL history as well. He started out as an Oklahoma Sooners diva…

CFL-Hawks: Many Seattle Seahawks have Canadian football roots

Warren Moon dominated the CFL before coming to the NFL

Matt Larkin shows us that quite a few Seattle Seahawks players have gone cross the border and played in the CFL, too. Inlcuding NFL and CFL legend Warren Moon and current Seattle Seahawk punter Jon Ryan.

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