Despite Batum’s best efforts, Blazers fall to spurs 109-112

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Jon Irwin breaks down the Spurs vs. Blazers matchup. ​The Headline:​ ​Nicolas Batum​ asks for the ball in the fourth and delivers, but not even that saves Portland from falling just short. Batum and L.A. have solid nights, but still can’t match a small Parker-less Spurs.

PDX Scouting Report: Five opponents on Trail Blazers’ radar (Nov.10-18)

NWSB Writer Bryant Knox previews who the Portland Trail Blazers will take on in their next 5 games. The team has made it through its first five games of the season, and while the results weren’t always what you want to see, they remained competitive in each and every contest. The Spurs, Hawks, Kings, Rockets and Bulls are coming up. Tim Duncan, Josh Smith, DeMarcus Cousins and James Harden await.

Portlander’s Take on Seattle Supersonics and OKC Beef

NWSB Insider and Portland Trailblazers blogger Blair Thomas weighs in with a very sensitive subject. The Sonics fans vs. Oklahoma City Thunder beef. Blair likens this to a bad breakup between a boyfriend and girlfriend, where the Thunder are the hot gf who goes on to make it big in life, and the Sonics fans are the bf who can’t seem to let go or get on with his life.

Trail Blazers vs. Spurs blog: love ’em & hate ’em

NWSB managing editor Q brings us his Love Em & Hate Em recap from Monday night’s game between the Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are an excellent team, but losing by 35 points really shouldn’t happen. Portland didn’t show up to fight in this one, and that was disappointing to see. Raymond Felton and Wesley Matthews combined to shoot 14 for 40.

Spurs vs. Trail Blazers blog: love ’em & hate ’em

Portland Trailblazers Insider and NWSB Managing Editor “Q” weighs in with his Love’Em & Hate’Em column for the San Antonio Spurs vs. Trail Blazers game on Tuesday night. LaMarcus Aldridge has stepped right back into the lineup with his high level of play. It’s really nitpicking to find anything negative to say, but Portland only had seven offensive rebounds despite the Spurs missing Tim Duncan.

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