Breaking News: Mariners announce Safeco Field fences coming in

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jonathan Irwin reports today’s Mariners press release, in which it was announced that the dimensions of Safeco Field are being altered. Long renowned for it’s big outfield and tough home run fences, The Safe is one of the best pitching spots in the Major Leagues. A move like this will be great for the hitters, but will it be great for the team?

How moving the fences at Safeco could ruin the Seattle Mariners

Great Seattle Mariners analysis on the configurations of the fences at Safeco Field in Seattle. Remember Alvin Davis, and Ken Griffey Jr.? It may be better to leave the fences where they are, invest the money into good pitching and solid defense to invest in Mike Carp or Dustin Ackley while in prime and before being courted by the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees.
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