Northwest Coach Profiles: Lou Piniella

Another North West Coach in the spotlight today. Former Seattle Mariners skipper Lou Piniella. Danny Ferguson one of our Seattle sports area bloggers points out Coach Lou Coach has coached 3× World Series champion (1977, 1978, 1990). In 1993, he was hired by Seattle. It was heartbreaking for fans when he demanded to be traded to Tampa. Piniella would go on to manage the heart break clubs of the Rays and the Cubs.

2011/2012 Victoria Royals Season Preview

Our man Aidan Chafe will be following the WHL for us all season long. Today he weighs in with his 2011/12 Victoria Royals season preview…

2011 Victoria Royals Training Camp

The Victoria Royals Are Ready To Go, training camp dates are set, coaches are in place, season tickets are approaching 3,000 for the inaugural season.

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