Future is bright! Chris Tanev buoys the Vancouver Canucks blue line

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger C-Mac weighs in with on the emergence of young defenseman Chris Tanev. He points out his stats are meagre on the offensive end with only two assists in 18 games but Tanev’s game is one where he needs to be watched daily to truly appreciate the sense of calm, thoughtfulness, and perception he brings to his positional play.

Is Chris Tanev The Best Blueline Option The Canucks Have?

Vancouver Canucks blogger Richard Hodges points out with the transaction this week to bring Chris Tanev back to the big club from the Chicago Wolves, this isn’t a panic call-up by the Canucks but rather a testament to their depth that they can afford to keep such a fine prospect in the minors and save him for when they really need him. Alain Vigneault called him an emotional flat-liner.

Canucks: Hodgson, Tanev more than just potential in 2011-12?

NWSportsbeat Senior Editor Quincy Smith points out Cody Hodgson and Chris Tanev are both ready for breakout seasons for the Vancouver Canucks in 2011-2012. They play two totally different positions, had two very different paths to the big leagues, but Hodgson and Tanev are both ready to be major contributors to the Canucks this season.

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